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ITV Corrie’s Ellie Leach shares adorable throwback photo and message for ‘role model’ cousin Brooke Vincent as she turns 30


Coronation Street star Ellie Leach has shared a moving message for her co-star cousin Brooke Vincent as she celebrates her 30th birthday. The Faye Windass actress, who joined Sophie Webster star Brooke on the cobbles in 2011, has spoken of her pride over mum-of-two Brooke on her special day.

Ellie, 21, from Bury, shared on her Instagram a super-cute photo of the cousins together taken in 2008. And she told how much she looked up to her ‘role model’ Brooke.

She wrote: “30 years of BLV…when looking back through all the pictures of us from over the years, this one stood out to me the most, it sums us up perfectly! All I’ve wanted to do since i was younger is be like you.

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“To dress like you, to have my hair the way you have yours, to wear them 7inch platform heels you wore which I still have no idea how but most of all to be the kind of person you are. Kind, caring, loving, (very) funny and sometimes snappy we wouldn’t change you for the world!”

And she continued: “You can tell what type of person someone is by how highly people speak of them, and I’ve never heard a bad word said about you! I think I’ll forever be known as Ellie, Brooke’s cousin but i will always be so proud to be that and to have you by my side through life! Thank you for being the best role model anyone could ever ask for, and for always looking out for and taking care of me.”

And she added: “Today is all about you, which I know you’ll love!!!! I hope its(sic) your best birthday yet, you have all the love in the world and I can’t wait to celebrate with you, BLV style! I love you always and forever, your little mini me, sisters forever.”

And Audenshaw actress Brooke, who joined Corrie in 2004, replied: “I love you so much xxxxx” Ahead of her birthday the star dished out some advice over on her Instagram while opening up her photo album to share a collection of photos over the past 10 years including one of her with her sons Mexx and Monroe and her fiance Kean Bryan.

“Tomorrow I turn 30 I don’t have a clue how this has happened,” she typed. “I look back at being 20 to now turning 30 and if I know anything.. is that actually I knew nothing at all. So here’s my advice.

“1. Don’t stress to try and have it ‘figured out’ it never will be fully figured out!! 2. Take FULL advantage travelling on a plane without children.. you will never understand the struggle of trying to watch Line of Duty with a Kit Kat & a brew with a child in tow.

“3. We never know a moment will be an amazing memory until it’s passed! So live for your little wins and celebrate everything. 4. Don’t try to please people who don’t matter, they will not be sat with you when it gets too much nor do they pay your bills!

“5. Take those chances, you never know where it could lead or who it could lead you to. 6. Perfume & chewing gum will never cover the smell of a cigarette! 7. Always add the extra 6 chicken nuggets to your meal! 8. Listen to music , everyday LOUDLY!

9. Help people because you never know when you’re actually going to need their help! 10. You will always be your best investment!!! I’ve probably not experienced other aspects of ‘life’ yet but what I do know up to now is I’ve stressed myself to try and ‘have it all together’ & here I am at 30 happy, still going and still don’t have a clue!! Happy Friday 10 years of memories.”


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