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Carol Warderman demonstrates a new hairstyle after makeup

Carol Warderman

A smart TV star Carol Warderman demonstrated a new hairstyle while posing for shots on the way to work.

The 61-year-old former Countdown star posed for a series of shots with her new curly creature when she was driven to work on her BBC show

Warderman, who celebrated Queens Platinum Jubilee signed her first photo: “Curly Top” with red, white and blue love hearts.

Her fans were impressed. One wrote, “You look so beautiful, Carol. Another posted, ‘This is a really gorgeous photo of Carol – you look amazingly natural and real, and ready for the camera.’

Warderman told listeners of her show on BBC Wales, which starts at 11.30: “The curly top went to a party all yesterday, tell me this to shout out – what’s the best party you’ve ever been to? I can even tell you some of my (The ones I still won’t talk about).

Carol Warderman wanted to show off her new “curly” hairstyle

The math expert previously appeared in an opening flight suit at the premiere of Top Gun: Maverick, with a name labeled “Matherick.”

The 61-year-old TV legend complemented the sexy outfit with Aviator shades and a black belt that accentuated her famous curves.

She shared the spotlight with the Hollywood A-Lister Tom Cruise and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

The MBE owner is best known for leading the Countdown game show for 26 years from 1982 to 2008 as a newspaper reviewer and author of educational and diet books, as well as organizing the annual Pride of Britain.

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