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Drama at the airport as firefighters ascended to a broken Ryanair plane that was stuck on the UK runway

The incident happened this weekend

The chaos began on the runway after Fr. Ryanair the plane was “stuck” after landing at the UK airport.

Passengers were forced to leave the aircraft at Leeds-Bradford Airport after reports of a “blown up” tire on Sunday (June 5th).

Eventually they were taken off the plane travel from Faro, Portugaland the Ministry of Emergencies left for the place.

It is reported that several flights were delayed or canceled due to the fact that the plane “blocked” the runway this afternoon.

Witnesses say two buses arrived to pick up passengers from the crashed plane at the airport, reports Leeds Live.

The incident happened this weekend

“It looks like the plane will be there for a while,” said one eyewitness.

Several flights were delayed, including a Ryanair flight to Faro at 12.15, a Jet2 flight to Paris at 13.25 and a flight to Belfast City at 13.30.

A Ryanair spokesman said: “This flight from Faro to Leeds (June 5) usually landed at Leeds-Bradford Airport at 11.40am, where then there was a minor tire problem on the runway.

“Passengers disembarked as usual and were taken to the terminal by bus.

“The plane was towed to the parking lot at 13:16 and inspected by our engineers in accordance with normal procedures, in turn the runway was restored at 13:23.

“A replacement aircraft has been deployed for the remaining sectors.”

The British were returning from Portugal
The British were returning from Portugal

A spokesman for Leeds-Bradford Airport added: “Fire operations on the ground have taken the runway to support the incoming Ryanair flight, which was having difficulty landing.

“Passenger safety is our top priority and our team has acted promptly to eliminate the incident.

“As part of this, we decided to redirect four flights to nearby airports while we assisted the flight. All passengers disembarked safely, and work returned to normal. “

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