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Helen Flanagan mocks her ‘stunning’ look after getting covered in food on flight home


Coronation Street favourite Helen Flanagan has shared a relatable post about getting covered in food on a flight home with her baby boy Charlie. The Rosie Webster actress joked with her Instagram followers that she looked ‘stunning’ after the journey back from Dubai while trying to keep 14-month-old Charlie quiet.

She shared a video of herself giving the thumbs-up in the plane bathroom as she homed in on her food-splattered white T-shirt and grey jogging bottoms. She wrote with the video: “Charlie cried the majority of the flight yesterday. I knew it wasn’t going to be a smooth sailing one with not being able to breastfeed him.”

She added: “I kept passing him food to keep him quiet. Ended up covered in chocolate and hommous (sic) I looked stunning.” Helen jetted off to sunnier climes with her footballer fiancé Scott Sinclair and their children, Matilda, six, Delilah, three, and Charlie who they welcomed last March.

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Bury-born Helen previously shared how she had been ‘worried’ about flying to Dubai due to stopping breastfeeding her little boy. Helen wrote: “So I don’t breastfeed Charlie during the day anymore… he is now a brilliant eater. Still haven’t been able to stop the night feed but it is something I’d like to stop.”

She added: “I fed Charlie on the flight and I don’t know how I would have comforted him without that… I was worried about that flight that he would cry and cry but he was okay.”

Helen joked about her appearance on the plane

Helen recently opened up to her Instagram followers about the changes to her body while stopping breastfeeding her son. Sharing a photo of the doting mum and her adorable baby on her Instagram Stories she wrote: “Feel such a massive hormone drip now I’ve stopped feeding Charlie so regularly.”

And the soap star, who played Rosie in Corrie before going on maternity leave in 2018 to have her second child Delilah reached out to fellow mums. She asked: “Any other woman experience this?” she asked. “I know I won’t be on my own with it.”

Helen added: “No idea how I’m going to cut out my night feed. You wouldn’t think Charlie was my third. I can’t remember having this problem with my girls.”

Helen, who regularly shares about her journey as a parent on her social media, last month told how she had been weaning Charlie off breastfeeding gradually. “Totally off my milk all through out the day and just having a feed before bed and when he wakes up a milky feed,” she said. “Had to do it gradual for Charlie and also for me that I don’t get mastitis.”

Reflecting on her time breastfeeding her son she wrote lovingly: “One year of feeding you my precious baby boy. I’m not too sure when our feeding journey will come to an end. I am thinking I will keep nursing through the summer. I think it’s a comfort to him with his teething… it’s great for flying to calm him.”

She added: “I love breastfeeding as I like the bonding ( I know you can bond with your babies in lots of ways of course). I like that it’s just something that I can do and that my baby needs just me.

“He’s likely my last baby and I want to soak this all up. I feel quite emotional about stopping. My hormones are stable when I breastfeed and I love not having a period and pms. I love looking down and seeing his cute little face and big brown eyes. I think it calms me if I feel anxious.”

Helen has also spoken frankly about co-sleeping with her children – a practice in which babies and young children sleep close to one or both parents in the same room. And she revealed that she’s aiming to share a bed with her fiance after seven years.


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