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Queen’s Platinum 2022: Millions expected at street parties in the UK ahead of Buckingham Palace competition – live | Platinum Anniversary Queen


However, it will not be a surprise to learn that one family that will celebrate the platinum anniversary with special enthusiasm is Cambridge.

This morning in a message on Twitter Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, together with her three children bakes cakes on the theme of Union Jack.

They wrote:

Bake cakes for the local community in Cardiff to enjoy at the Platinum Jubilee party taking place today!

We hope you enjoy them!

Bake cakes for the local community in Cardiff to enjoy at the Platinum Jubilee party taking place today! 🎉

We hope you enjoy them! 🧁 pic.twitter.com/lK9QkaGugB

– The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (@KensingtonRoyal) June 5, 2022

When the platinum anniversary celebrations end today, you would be forgiven for thinking that the whole nation has come together to feast, dance around the May tree and decorate their homes with extravagant red, white and blue lights.

At least it was the focus of media and news.

However, the vast majority of the British population just spends their weekends as usual, except for an extra holiday.

An article from CNN talked to many people, particularly young Britons who “couldn’t care” about joining street parties or lighthouse lighting ceremonies.

Hackney resident Joss MacDonald said:

I’m sick of it. Now I am going to go to Italy.

MacDonald said the monarchy, whose wealth and power are linked to the legacy of British colonialism, has failed to modernize and is detached from modern multicultural Britain, adding:

I won’t regret people having a good time. I think that the opportunity to hold a big national holiday is great, but it is very insulting that it should be for this institution.

A poll conducted by YouGov from March to May 2021 found that 31% of respondents aged 18 to 24 said they wanted the monarchy to continue, while 41% said Britain should have an elected head of state, and 28% were undecided, according to CNN.

Roisin Connie, a 26-year-old digital communications professional, said she would spend the weekend at her home in Redbridge in the east. Londonviewing the latest season of “Strange Things.”

She said:

I didn’t care.

Good morning and we invite you to our live broadcast of the fourth and last day of the platinum anniversary holiday weekend of the Queen.

For those suffering from jubilee fatigue, this would be a desirable ending, it would seem endless play and sub-Halim declarations of commitment to the monarchy.

But for others it is the culmination of a historic holiday holiday and thanksgiving for Britain’s monarch, Queen Elizabeth II.

Despite the wind and rain expected during the day, more than 10 million people across the UK are expected to attend street parties as part of Sunday’s “big anniversary dinner”. Outside the UK, more than 600 lunches are planned across the Commonwealth.

Then, from 14.30 BST, the Golden State Carriage led by an Sovereign Escort, but without the Queen, will run a competition on a 3-kilometer route up the mall in the center London to Buckingham Palace.

With more than 10,000 people – including military, volunteers, performers and key workers – it will be shown on big screens in London, Cardiff and Edinburgh.

Stay tuned for the latest material updates throughout the day.

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