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Everton fans say “the time has come” when Farhad Mashir sends an open letter to tired viewers

Toffees almost managed to avoid relegation from the major leagues

Everton Fans were divided after the club’s majority owner Farhad Mashiri published an open letter dedicated to the club’s sad campaign.

Moshir was silent during Everton’s gloomy season, causing the Toffees to barely escape relegation from Premier League. But now he has spoken in a statement on the club’s official website. The British-Iranian businessman admitted that “Everton” is “insufficient” in the “very difficult company”.

“Mistakes have been made, and I want to apologize to all of you for that,” he added. “It wasn’t good enough and we need to do better. You gave us incredible support that helped us cross the line when we needed it most and we need to pay back for that support and show that the lessons have been learned.”

The 67-year-old reaffirmed his commitment to the club and its future away from Goodison Park at their new home in Bramley Moore Dock, but hinted that the days of wild spending on gaming stuff are over.

“Of course, the stadium itself will not help us achieve our goals, and we try not to make the same mistakes, including the fact that we did not always spend a significant amount of money,” he said.

Where will Everton finish in the Premier League next season? Let us know your thoughts in comments section below.

Toffees almost managed to avoid relegation from the major leagues

Moshiri also called for the appointment of Frank Lampard, calling him an “excellent candidate” for the role, before praising fans, players and management for supporting Vitaly Mikalenko and the people of the country. Ukraine.

Despite the honesty and sincerity of Moshira’s statement, not all Everton fans were convinced. One of them wrote: “It’s just PR promotion. No idea whether the fans will see the strategic review. It doesn’t matter why the people who got us into this mess are still sitting in the board. The connection is good, but not just hidden. behind the new stadium. “

Someone said, “Nothing new said. Disappointing.” While the third moaned, “Actually says little, but what about your / our vision of the club? It seems like it’s just meant to reassure people, but there’s still no plan.”

Others seemed more forgiving, including one who wrote, “It was true to what we Evertons needed to hear from Moshira.”

Another commented: “The time has come, hopefully we can put an end to this careless work of our club. It’s time to move forward, not backward, we’re moving.” As the sixth user said: “Fair play with Moshira. It is very good that he understands that this is not enough. “

Toffee boss Frank Lampard is already taking steps to bolster his side ahead of a new Premier League campaign, with reports linking the Merseysiders to Burnley defender James Tarkovsky, whose contract with Turf Moor has expired.

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