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Men fighting in the middle of a street brought busy Bridgend road to a standstill


Traffic was brought to a standstill on a Welsh high street after two men began boxing in the middle of the road.

Video footage taken from Heol Ganol in Sarn, Bridgend, shows two men fighting, on Monday just before 12pm. The two men can be seen launching their fists at each other, moving up and down the road causing disruption to traffic.

A man wearing a high-vis orange vest appeared to be moderating the fight, while two others watched on, one appearing to film the fight. Another observer then pulls up in his vehicle before getting out to watch the boxing match unfold.

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Several punches are thrown throughout the video, which goes on for around two minutes. A witness said the fight went on for around a quarter of an hour and police were eventually called to the scene.

A witness said the fight brought the street to a standstill in Bridgend. A spokesperson for South Wales Police said: “Police received reports of a disturbance in Sarn Hill at 11.48am today. Two men involved in the incident, who are believed to know one another, were spoken to by officers and neither wished to make a complaint. Our enquiries are ongoing.”

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