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The ocean of flowers behind the palaces is a real measure of the queen’s world fame

Mourners line up outside Buckingham Palace to pay their respects to Queen Elizabeth II

Gaze at the ocean of flowers at the palaces and royal residences.

Look at the mourners queues for miles next to the Thames for a few fleeting moments opposite the queen‘s a coffin.


Mourners line up outside Buckingham Palace to pay their respects to Queen Elizabeth IIAuthor: Alamy

See what staggering numbers are expected London on Monday.

See predictions for global TV viewers. . . as many as four billion, more than half the world’s population, the biggest televised event in history.

These are the Queen’s true measures worldwide fameour popularity The royal family and the excitement it holds – which we confidently predict will remain undimmed long after the new Kingreign established.

This is the real world, not the seething, hate-filled version of social media where troll after nameless troll spews bile about unelected members of the royal family and their combined cost to the public purse (the cost, in fact, far exceeds the income they bring to Britain ).

Real-time queue tracking: How long is the queue to see the queen in bed?
Fans are waiting in 10-mile queues to see Queen and it may close on Saturday

And where the deaf, forgotten novelties of talent shows try to regain attention by abusing monarchy.

An array of races

We, thank God, do not live in the world Twitter, this magnet for the haters and the ignorant. No New York Times babies woke up in imaginary Britain, hacks are so addicted to social networks cesspit that they dedicate their careers to making up lies about the UK for ‘likes’.

It helps them pander to the clueless US left to pretend from 3,500 miles away that Britain, afterBrexit, is a nation of white supremacists. This is laughable. We all know the reality.

Look at the multitude of races, creeds and ages united in this line to honor our Queen.

Our people love the pomp, tradition, continuity and stability that monarchy provides.

They love that the best of our royal family dedicate themselves to tireless duty and service.

Most of the time, royalty remains in the background of our lives. Sometimes, like at weddings William and Harry and the death of the princess Diana and now the Queen is center stage.

Then Britain is not shy about showing its love and support.

Royal fans, and they, in the overwhelming majority, do not want an alternative. They saw the problems of some countries with elected presidents. It’s not for them.

The Queen's secret lipstick signal revealed by a former royal footman
Mystery: The Queen's Undertaker removes advertisements from the window of the hearse during the six-hour drive

Britain’s dwindling group of republicans can talk. This is a free country. But they are wasting their breath. Twitter is the only place they have traction.

Good luck with that.


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