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What is the Royal Vault at St George’s Chapel?

What is the Royal Vault at St George's Chapel?

The funeral will take place privately at 7.30pm on Monday (September 19), following her state funeral earlier in the day.

In connection with this decision Prince Philip will be removed from the Royal Vault where he was buried after his death in 2021 to join his wife of 73 years.

What to expect from the Queen’s funeral?

Some people may not know what the Royal Vault is or who is buried there, so here is some information on the subject.

What is Royal Vault?

As reported by Subwayis a burial chamber located on the grounds of Windsor Castle.

It is located under the chapel of St. George, which has been the chosen burial place of the royal family since the 15th century.

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Built between 1804 and 1810 by order of King George III, it became traditional at royal funerals for the coffin to be lowered into the crypt through a hole in the floor of St. George’s Chapel.

Who is buried in the Royal Vault?

After Prince Philip is removed from the royal vault, 24 members of the royal family will be buried there.

Among them are Kings George III, IV and V, Prince William IV and Queen Charlotte.

Subway reports that the first royal to be placed in the vault was Princess Amelia, the youngest daughter of King George III.

The last person to be buried there was Princess Alice, mother of Prince Philip, in 1969, but her tomb was later moved to Jerusalem.


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