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CENTRED, reaches a $25 Million Valuation after Acquiring London based Start-Up, BUA FIT


CENTERED, a US wellness platform, acquires British outdoor fitness technology, BUA FIT, to offer its platform of wellness programs to Fortune 500 companies while supporting fitness trainers’ businesses in the US. 

 CENTRED connects travellers to leading and emerging wellness brands in over 900 cities worldwide. The company utilises a vertically integrated platform with an app, website, physical locations, e-commerce for health and wellness and loyalty programs. 

MIAMI, Florida, Brian Chappon, CEO of CENTERED, declared, “BUA’s success in the UK will be reflected in the US in the coming weeks. David has brilliantly executed and crafted an outstanding product to connect trainers to lovers of outdoor and online group classes. I am delighted David has joined our team and BUA will add tremendous value to our user experience at CENTRED.” 

Through CENTRED’s partnerships with global credit cards, brands, and aggregators, they have access to over 57 million affluent members worldwide. Their passion lies in driving volume to small businesses while setting a new global standard for wellness. Working with global B2B partners in travel, healthcare, fitness, and beauty tech, CENTRED is uniquely positioned to provide peace of mind to travellers worldwide. 

CENTRED Director, Jim Lane – a 20-year alumni of Goldman Sachs & Co – commented, “With BUA, CENTRED can now showcase an array of outdoor fitness experiences worldwide, while also providing a platform for personal trainers to accelerate their growth on a global level.” 

LONDON, David Stapleton, CEO and Founder of BUA FIT commented, “Brian and I believe having our companies coming together gives us a much stronger competitive edge and I’m confident we will be a billion-dollar business within four to five years, if not earlier. We wanted to move on the opportunity as our vision and missions are aligned. This strategic acquisition makes us a super strong team and it’s something we’ve been working on all year.” 

Stapleton will join the CENTRED Board of Directors. The combined entity will expand BUA’s offering in the United Kingdom, USA, Canada, and Europe. The platform is planning to launch in the US early next year. 

BUA FIT is a platform for group outdoor and online fitness. BUA connects fitness professionals to consumers with social technology. The tech recently surpassed 1,000,000 user engagements. The marketplace has a wide variety of talented fitness partners which has helped BUA enter the corporate market and work alongside brands such as Meta, Mubadala Capital and Starbucks. 

The marketplace brand means ‘victory’ in Gaelic and is supported by Google for Startups and US venture firm, StartUp Health. The start-up was financed by Stapleton since 2016 and launched in the summer of 2019, outside of a £420,000 investment at early seed stage. To date, the strategy has been sustainable, organic growth to lower risk and achieve product market fit and now has completed well over 5,000 classes with international users. 

Centred are keen for BUA’s platform to be rolled out across large towns and cities such as Los Angeles, Austin, San Diego, and Miami. With sunshine all year round, parts of the US are a huge opportunity. There are also potential plans for growth in Sydney, Australia too.


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