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Join us to discuss modernising recruitment for the digital age


From the way we communicate to the way we shop, everything today is instant, accessible and connected. Yet, for all of technology’s advancements, recruitment has changed little in decades, leaving many feeling excluded from the array of opportunities technology can offer.

To see an end to the on-going skills shortage, organisations will need to refine their hiring processes and expand their recruitment pools; but to tackle the issue at its core, industry and academia must help foster a future generation of diverse experts and leaders in STEM.

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The number of women executives is often regarded as an organisation’s commitment to diversity, but for every executive there needs to be hundreds of women engineers, technicians, and analysts to support, strengthen and develop the apps, webpages, and devices all use every day.

On Wednesday 19th October Computing will host a morning conference in London, where delegates will get unrivalled access to exclusive keynote, panel, thinktank, deep-dive, and networking sessions, all hosted by a diverse range of expert speakers.

To kick the day off, our keynote session will discuss a different slant on IT careers that go beyond coding – essential to attracting people from non-technical backgrounds, who are often dissuaded from joining the industry because of their perceptions.

Next, a panel of IT leaders will talk about how to mitigate the effects of the ‘Great Resignation’. They will discuss Gen Z, just now starting to enter the workforce, and the effect this young, tech-savvy generation are having on recruitment. We’ll also talk about what employees demand from jobs today – does it go beyond salary? – and the effects of apprenticeships and education on recruitment and retention.

Later in the day we’ll have an interactive session, where delegates and speakers can discuss how to expand the roles available to under-served groups in tech; and, to close out the day, we’ll hear some STEM success stories from an industry-leading speaker.

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