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Experts answer your mortgage questions


As the Bank of England raises rates by another 0.5 per cent, are you getting ready to remortgage?

With millions of homeowners set to roll off fixed rate home loans in the next few years, the race to lock into a better rate has begun — but expert help is at hand.

On the next Money Clinic podcast, property experts will be answering your questions about mortgages, moving home and the wider market outlook.

Maybe you’re weighing up the pros and cons of a longer fix — or considering paying to exit your current deal ahead of time.

Perhaps you’re looking to move home, or buy your first property, but are worried about how rising rates could affect property prices.

Or you might be considering overpaying your mortgage, and the implications this could have.

Leave a comment below this story online, or email the Money Clinic team in confidence via money@ft.com and we will put your questions to the experts.


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