‘Flash Playboy’ Chloe Sims Arrested For ‘Rolex Theft’ As They Look Loved Up In London

    Khloe Sims was spotted getting cozy with her new man

    CHLOE Sims is dating a ‘flash playboy’ named Morad Isemran who has been arrested before.

    The Towey The star’s new flame made headlines in 2020 after being arrested in Ibiza for allegedly stealing a Rolex watch.


    Khloe Sims was spotted getting cozy with her new manCredit: 007
    The Towie star is dating Morad Isemrane


    The Towie star is dating Morad IsemraneCredit: 007
    The pair were spotted getting close outside a hotel in Mayfair, London


    The pair were spotted getting close outside a hotel in Mayfair, LondonCredit: 007

    Spanish cops said he was charged with “theft with love” after he struck up an affair with an Italian woman in a diner and took a watch during a date in the toilet, and he was arrested as he tried to fly from Ibiza to Palma the next day.

    Now he was noticed as a favorite Chloe40 years when the couple was together in London.

    The pair were spotted cozying up outside a hotel in Mayfair as they cuddled up, with Morad placing a hand on Chloe’s bum as he leaned in close to her.

    Khloe looked stunning in a long black coat and wore glamorous make-up with her blonde locks down.

    Meanwhile, Morad opted for joggers and a black hoodie and slicked his hair back.

    Chloe Sims got a new face and butt before filming the show OnlyFans
    In the clip, daughter Khloe Sims, who is rarely seen, gives the camera her middle finger

    The lothario has been revealed to be driving a Ferrari, also known as ‘Mojo’. dated Love Island star Arabella Chi a couple of years ago.

    The pair shared images of each other at the time, after it was revealed that Arabella had met her then-boyfriend through a mutual friend in Ibiza.

    While they were dating, a mutual friend told The Sun: “She was dating a rich guy called Mark and they were at a party when his friend Mojo turned up with a bottle of champagne.

    “Later that evening she drove off with Mojo in his Ferrari, leaving her boyfriend Mark behind.

    “That’s how they met. It was quite shocking. Since then they have been together.

    “Arabella likes to have a good time and hasn’t looked back.”

    They added: “Mojo is a flash playboy. Women swoon over him and his swarthy appearance.’

    Chloe was there before hinted at a “secret boyfriend” in Junebut chose not to reveal his identity.

    But the reality show favorite said she didn’t meet her man on a dating app because she’s never used it and likes to “meet people organically”.

    Before that, Khloe had one heavy romance with co-star Pete Wick.

    Chloe and Pete relationship status has kept fans on their toes since it was revealed last year that they had been secretly sleeping together for two years.

    Morad put his hand on Chloe's bum in the pictures, leaning in closer


    Morad put his hand on Chloe’s bum in the pictures, leaning in closerCredit: 007
    Chloe and Pete's relationship did not give fans tension


    Chloe and Pete’s relationship did not give fans tensionAuthor: Instagram


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