The Russian men’s football team won the second leg

    Europe's dependence on Russia should accelerate the transition to energy

    Valery Karpin’s team played their first game of 2022 against Kyrgyzstan on Saturday

    The Russian men’s national football team played their first match of 2022 in the Kyrgyz capital Bishkek on Saturday, winning 2-1 thanks to a last-gasp winner at the Dolen Amurzakov Stadium.

    Russian teams are currently suspended from international sports, meaning their men’s national football team was unable to take part in Qatar’s 2022 World Cup qualifying semi-final play-off against Poland in March.

    Due to the sanctions, Valery Karpin’s side have not played since their 1-0 defeat to Croatia in the qualifying group stage on November 14.

    Russia started sharply, falling behind after Alimardon Shukurov, assisted by Farkhat Musabekov, gave the hosts a 1-0 lead, beating goalkeeper Matsvei Safonov in the 24th minute.

    However, six minutes later, Russia responded when Alexander Sobolev scored a penalty and leveled the score at 1:1.

    In the rest of the match, both teams tried to make a breakthrough, but in the 89th minute, Daniil Utkin grabbed the victory for the visitors with a goal from outside the penalty area.

    Responding to the result, Karpin told He defended that “there were no critical attitudes” in the Russian camp.

    “A lot of things didn’t work out. As I said before the game, it was important to look at the players at this level,” Karpin added.

    “It was a review. [There were] many beginners. Some were better [than others], some were worse. The game had some bugs, [but] that’s understandable.”

    Karpin admitted that neither he nor Kyrgyzstan knew until three days ago whether their meeting would take place.

    Russia are due to face Iran in a friendly in November, as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina in St Petersburg in a clash which the Ukrainian FA is keen to prevent.

    When asked about further matches, Karpin answered: “They say we are playing. If they don’t say [that]let’s not play.”

    To the legend of the Champion of Russia and Manchester United Andrei Kanchelskis refused be critical and point out the positives.

    “[We] barely beat Kyrgyzstan? Well, what did you want?’ Kanchelskis asked.

    “Now everyone has learned to play football. Hungary won 1-0 in Germany yesterday. It happens. The main thing is that we won. The main thing is positive emotions. Hard or not, it’s a victory. If there was a draw or a loss, it would be different “.

    “[There is] there is nothing to say now. Bravo for the victory! We are moving on and awaiting further action from FIFA and UEFA,” Konchelskis added in the same week that Russia was excluded from Euro 2024 qualification.


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