Who is Callux from The Sidemen?


    YOUTUBE is the platform most content creators rise to fame on – and Callux is no exception to this.

    The internet star has found his feet online creating his own YouTube videos as well as starring alongside the UK’s biggest YouTube group, the Sidemen.


    Callux found his feet online creating his own YouTube videos as well as starring alongside the UK’s biggest YouTube group, the Sidemen.Credit: YouTube

    Who is Callux?

    Callux, born March 11, 1992 is a YouTuber who often collaborates and is friends with the Sidemen. 

    His channel is best known for its lifestyle, vlog and challenge videos – which a staggering 4.04 million subscribers tune in to watch.

    Callux has also appeared in multiple Sidemen videos such as The Roast of the Sidemen, Sidemen Deal or No Deal, The Wheel: Sidemen Edition, The Weakest Link: Sidemen Edition 2, and Sidemen Dragons Den.

    Most recently Callux was featured in the “20 Women vs 1 Sidemen: Callux Edition” – where KSI claimed this was the “best video ever” and that Callux was “the 20vs1 GOAT”.

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    Callux previously lived in a Stratford Halo apartment – the building known as the home of the sidemen, with Wroetoshaw and Calfreezy, having moved there in August 2014.

    But the trio later moved into their own house, located in Bermondsey, sometime in 2018.

    However, in 2020, Callux bought a house which he moved into around the same time Calfreezy and Harry moved into a new apartment.

    But he made sure to tell his fans that while he no longer lived with them, his new house was very close to their new apartment – and their friendship still remained strong.

    What is Callux’s real name?

    Like many of his famous and funny Sidemen friends, Callux is just a nickname he uses to represent his online persona.

    His real name is in fact Callum Aaron McGinley.

    What disease did Callux have?

    Callum was diagnosed with Leukaemia when he was just five years-old.

    In JaackMaate’s Happy Hour Podcast, Callum opened up about his battle with the disease and said that he once woke up covered in blood.

    From that traumatic discovery, he was then diagnosed with Cancer and went through chemotherapy.

    In the same podcast, Callum also stated that at that current time, his mother was very poor and couldn’t afford a house phone.

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    He also mentions that at this point his dad was not around during his diagnosis or treatment.

    After two years of battling with the Leukaemia, Callum beat Cancer and started to live his childhood once again.


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