London: “We will not tolerate riotous protests,” police said



    Police have warned they will prevent riots in the capital this weekend amid a series of protests.

    As of Saturday, four railroad unions began a 24-hour walkout this means that large parts of the transport network have been closed. They were joined by members of the Enough and Don’t Pay groups.

    Protesters from Just stop the oil the group will also march to the center London in a call to action amid the climate change crisis.

    With the London Marathon due to take place on Sunday, the Met has warned that protests must not harm policing.

    Commander Karen Findlay, who is leading the police operation this weekend, said: “It is extremely important, given the months of preparation runners have put into tackling the 26.2 mile distance, that the police operation remains focused on working with partners to ensure the event runs without crashes and all the families and members of the public who attend to support the runners enjoy the day.

    “We are also aware of the global and political backdrop and how these issues affect our communities in London.

    “We fully understand that people want their voice to be heard on pressing issues and to exercise their right protest.”

    He went further to single out the Just Stop Oil group, claiming they had failed to co-operate with the Met ahead of the planned protest.

    He added: “We will not tolerate the right to protest leading to riots, as we saw last weekend. This is completely unacceptable. It is equally important that the rights of local residents, visitors and business owners are balanced with the rights of those who wish to protest.

    “We have had positive engagement with many event organizers to understand their wishes and plans for their events and demonstrations across the capital this weekend and these conversations have enabled us to develop a proportionate policing plan.

    “So far, despite our best efforts, Just Stop Oil has refused to explain its plans, however we will continue to try to establish a dialogue as we remain committed to ensuring that all demonstrations and events proceed without disruption.”

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