Met registers highest number of female police officers, figures show | Metropolitan police


    Britain’s biggest police force has the highest number of female officers, new figures show.

    The Metropolitan police stated that at the end of September 2022, the representation of female officers is 30.4%, which is 10,386 officers. The force has said it aims to increase the share to 33% by the 2023/2024 financial year.

    He added that the goal is for 50% of all recruits to be women. As of April 2022, of the total number of 1,678 commissioned officers, 44.5% were women.

    Sir Mark Rowley, recently appointed Force Commissioner and Mayor of LondonSadiq Khan, attended an event by the Met’s outreach group in Stratford, east London, on Friday.

    The force is trying to increase the proportion of officers from a racial background, as only 16.6% of the 34,112 police officers are from black, Asian and other ethnic communities. Only 3.6% of officers are black.

    Rowley said: “There is evidence around the world that the best companies and organizations benefit from diverse teams. It’s not just about fairness, it’s about being the most efficient in a complex world.

    “I am delighted that we have achieved the highest representation of women in the Met, achieving the highest total number of officers.

    “Matt is committed to making progress in all of his recruitment ambitions. We are working hard to replicate this success in attracting people from black and diverse ethnic communities to careers at the Met so that our workforce better reflects the communities we serve.”

    The figures come just weeks after a damning review found that Met officers suspected of serious criminal offenses including sexual and domestic violence had managed to escape justice.

    Massive failings in the way Britain’s biggest force tackled crime have been exposed in an interim report by Louise Casey, which found “systemic problems” with racism and misogyny at the Met.

    One officer faced 11 claims, including sexual assault, harassment and domestic violence, but remains on the force, the report said.

    Rowley said he was horrified conclusions and apologized to officers and members of the public who had been let down.

    He said at the time that the 30 to 50 officers and staff who quit each year were “massively inadequate” and he estimated the Met had hundreds of officers who should be kicked out of the force.

    After kidnapping, raping and murdering Casey, he was ordered by the Met Sarah Everard as the current officer.

    Among the findings were that black officers were 81% more likely to face disciplinary action, and new ethnic recruits were more than 120% more likely to be fired than their white counterparts.

    Casey’s full report is due next year as another government-commissioned report.

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