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Yan Woo, Portsmouth | Food review

The Dish Detective visited Yan Woo in Kingston Road, Portsmouth

While I admit in my personal experience, Chinese cuisine is often consumed in the form of a takeaway on a Sunday evening to help satisfy a thirst which can only quenched by something deep fried and saucy following a hefty night of drinking, on this occasion DD and their companion decided to dine in to refine the experience.

When we walk in, the restaurant serving Malaysian and Chinese food, which is also available as a takeaway, is spacious and alive with large groups of diners – no doubt taking advantage of the all-you-can-eat menu (£21.95 per head) – bubbling with conversation and guzzling noodles and portions of spring rolls.

While this is a tempting offer, DD and their partner opt for an array of dishes – as we decide our appetites aren’t quite up to the challenge and it must be noted that a disclaimer on the menu warns off greedy diners by reminding them that each unfinished dish would be charged on the bill, and leftovers are not to be taken away.

The Dish Detective visited Yan Woo in Kingston Road

We instead perused the regular menu, and plump for the King Prawn Chow Mein (£8.90), Barbecued Spare Ribs (£6.70), eight slices of Sesame Prawn on Toast (£5.80), six Vegetarian Spring rolls (£3.20), Egg Fried Rice (£2.60) and Chicken Fried Rice (£6.70). A feast.

We realise the total came to a similar price to that of the all-you-can-eat option, but this way we can return home with something to show for our evening, because there’s nothing better than reheated mismatch of noodles, rice and even the odd chicken ball.

While we wait, we’re brought a dish of prawn crackers – something to nibble and curb our hunger.

Each portion was generous and managed to be tasty and extremely moreish without being overly greasy or overly rich, a trap which Malaysian and Chinese can often fall into.

Other groups around us also seemed to be enjoying their meals as much as DD and their companion.

One thing that I’m sure many readers can relate too, when you are especially familiar and favour one particular type of cuisine, you gain a self-righteous air and begin to feel you are able to sniff out the good from the not so good.

Well in this case, Yan Woo was most definitely good. Plain and simple, this was a spot I would recommend – whether it be eat in or takeaway – whenever the routine question arose: ‘Know any good Chinese restaurants ‘round here?’

Accompanied by a warm and friendly atmosphere, with staff on hand to offer top ops and check if the food is to our liking,

We finish the evening with a mint and walk out full and satisfied, with our leftovers in hand knowing we would be tasting the delights of Yan Woo again – next time likely curled up on the sofa.


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