Peter Kay’s staggering earnings have been revealed after his tour sold out in minutes

    Comedian Peter Kay has £22.6m in his campaign accounts ahead of his sell-out tour

    PETER KAY’S company is sitting on a cool £22.6m and the superstar’s comic isn’t even running.

    The figure released yesterday comes shortly before that his upcoming tourwhich will be another huge one money– spinner.


    Comedian Peter Kay has £22.6m in his campaign accounts ahead of his sell-out tourAuthor: PA

    A source said: “The accounts just confirm what a huge success it is Peter there is

    “His fees and merch are still rolling in every year despite his recent inactivity.

    “He’s also very savvy with cash because he’s made a lot of smart investments.”

    Accounts of his parent company, Hussein Traders Ltd, showed he had £22.6m of investments and £10.5m of profits. From 2017, Peter canceled his UK tour due to “unforeseen family circumstances”.

    Jennifer Gray of
    Vicky Pattison

    His appearances over the past few years have been limited to a surprise appearance during a charity screening of his series Car Share in 2018, a cameo role Dilly the cat‘s Radio 2 show in January 2021 and holding two charity events to raise money for cancer patients Laura Natal seven months later.

    He also briefly returned in April 2020 for BBC‘s Big night inwhen Children are in need and Comic relief combined.

    However, since he announced his comeback earlier this month, Peter is firmly back in the spotlight.

    He appeared on Zoe BallRadio 2 Breakfast Show to promote his new monthly residency at London‘s Arena O2which runs from December 16 to November 18 next year, with UK tour dates already announced.

    The Phoenix Nights favorite became the first comedian in history to land such a deal.

    He said: “It was mostly me and Prince doing it – and look what happened to him.

    Michael Jackson, he was different, he had to do 50 nights. I was getting his show.”

    Each of the concerts will definitely be a thriller.


    MARK WRIGHT will be joining the great and good of reality when his latest show airs in the new year.

    He stands for The Challenge 5 channelan adventure series that has already become a huge hit in the US.

    Mark Wright will host The Challenge for Channel 5 in the new year


    Mark Wright will host The Challenge for Channel 5 in the new yearCredit:

    Reality stars Compete in action challenges around the world to win cash prizes and avoid elimination.

    I can reveal The elder brother of the celebrity finalist and Olympian in judo Ashley McKenzie is on board.

    Another name is 2018 Island of love beauty Kaz Crosleywho has already experienced the Stateside version.

    They will join those already rumored to include Towie‘s James Locke, Made in Chelsea‘s Tristan Phipps and other residents of Love Island Arabella Chi, Marcel Somerville and Kaz Kamvi.

    with MarkWith his own Tawi roots, he is perfect for the job.

    Shirley is festive

    SHIRLEY Ballas will share her holiday memories with comic actress Sally Phillips in My Life at Christmas.

    The show – one of many new religion and ethics programs on the BBC next month – will also feature exes Strictly come to the dance contributor Richard Coles.


    DAVID SIMON and Paul Gascoigne could be Ant and December fishing.

    The former England team-mates made a one-off special with website Fishing Republic – and it was hoped the pair would get a series.

    Paul Gascoigne and David Seaman could be the Ant & Dec of fishing


    Paul Gascoigne and David Seaman could be the Ant & Dec of fishingCredit: Getty Images – Getty

    But it doesn’t sound like a visitor, which may be some relief David, who thought his buddy was too loud. The standout goalkeeper explained: “I usually go alone so it was great to take a friend.

    “In recent months it has been Gaza, but it is too noisy. He is doing well, he is in good condition. He loves his fishing and it was great to do a program with him.”

    They have teamed up to promote the mental health campaign Hats for Mind, and the hats are available from GO Outdoors, Fishing Republic, Blacks and Millets.

    David also revealed they haven’t lost their competitive edge, adding: “He’s so keen to win everything. But he never beats me.”


    THERE WERE emotional scenes EastEnders last night when young Lexi Mitchell my mother found out Lola Pierce was diagnosed a brain tumor.

    The BBC One soap works closely with Hope’s support team to ensure that Lola’s hairdresser scenes are in the role Daniel Harold, are displayed as sensitively as possible for all children whose parents suffer from an incurable disease.

    A £600 cost of living payment code can be allocated to bank accounts from today
    I have uPVC doors with a switch to keep the drafts down this winter

    Lorna Russell, from Hope Support Services, said: “Many families will understand how upsetting it can be for children when someone they love has cancer, so we’re delighted to see EastEnders focus on how Lexi is affected by Lola’s tumour.”

    Strictly obsessed

    STRICTLY’s Janet Monrara is obsessed with bananas.

    For the last episode Nick Grimshaw and Angela HartnettNew weekly food and drink podcast, Dish, with husband and fellow dancer Alyazh Skaryanecshe admitted to eating them with everything, even spaghetti.

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