Three West End cycle commuter drivers fined after complaints about riders playing Disney hit song Let It Go at high volume

    Three West End cycle commuter drivers fined after complaints about riders playing Disney hit song Let It Go at high volume


    three West End Cyclist drivers have been fined for playing their music too loud at night after law enforcement officers reported hearing Disney’s hit song Let It Go blaring from the speakers.

    Acceleration from Westminster Council came after law enforcement officials reported hearing popular tracks played after 9 p.m., including Whitney HoustonBob Marley’s classic I Wanna Dance With Somebody and Jamming.

    The three drivers were ordered to pay £3,564 in fines, costs and victim surcharges at City of London Magistrates’ Court on 16 November.

    Drivers have been charged under the Pollution Control Act for playing music too loudly after 9pm – currently the only legal penalty Westminster Council can impose on drivers.

    Councilor Aycha Less, deputy leader and cabinet member for communities and public protection, said: “Last week’s results show our determination to tackle this nuisance on our streets. I encourage visitors to Westminster to use safer modes of public transport when Christmas shopping or attending holiday parties. Take a bus, subway or black cab and get home safely.”

    One driver was fined £400, victim compensation of £160 and costs of £600 for a total of £1,160. They did not come to the court, they received a written statement.

    The other driver also failed to appear in court and faces fines totaling £920. The third driver attended court unrepresented and contested the costs previously awarded.

    They were ordered to pay £1,000, reduced from £1,535.

    This latest round of prosecutions comes as Westminster Council prepares for large crowds at popular venues such as Oxford Street, Winter Wonderland and Soho in the run-up to Christmas.

    He warned tourists about the dangers of bicycles and encouraged them to use alternative and licensed modes of transport such as buses, subways and black taxis.

    Posters were distributed to more than 300 businesses and taxi drivers, while Metropolitan Police officers handed out several thousand leaflets in hotspots to deter bike operators.

    Local authorities hope the high fines will deter nuisance cyclists from “ripping off unsuspecting tourists and bothering residents”.

    Councilor Less said: “Westminster is a popular visitor destination at this time of year as we look forward to Christmas and we don’t want unsuspecting tourists to fall prey to extortionate bike drivers.”

    It follows Heart of London chief executive Ross Morgan called bicycles a “real nuisance” for local businesses.

    “Part of the problem is that the laws governing bicycles are relatively ancient. They haven’t been updated since 1869 because rickshaws are legally considered “stage coaches,” he wrote in the Standard.

    “Meteotrade and Westminster Council have tried to stop motorbike drivers charging huge rates and driving dangerously because the vehicles are not regulated. Fines totaling £17,375 have been issued since November 2021, but this has done little to deter them.’

    The council is now working with the Department for Transport and TfL to develop new cycling regulations, which are planned to be included in the upcoming Transport Bill.

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