A former Met PC convicted of assaulting a woman would be overturned, a group says

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    A police officer who assaulted a woman would have been sacked if he had not already resigned, a hearing has heard.

    Former staff member Jack Greenaway, 32, was convicted of wounding after the attack in September 2020 in south London while he was off duty. The victim was known to him.

    He was arrested the same day and charged and later found guilty of assault causing bodily harm.

    Before appearing in court, the former officer breached bail conditions to not contact the victim or visit her address.

    Following his arrest, the former officer was suspended before resigning on January 3 this year, leaving the Met at the end of the same month.

    On Wednesday, a misconduct panel found former HR director Greenway had breached standards of professional conduct in relation to discreditable conduct at the level of gross misconduct.

    It emerged that if he had still worked at the Met, he would have been sacked without notice.

    Chief Superintendent Colin Wingrove, Chief Constable Lambeth and Southwarksaid: “Former Constable Greenway’s conduct was appalling and his actions fell far short of the standards and values ​​we expect from the Metropolitan Police Service.

    “There is absolutely no place in the police force for people who treat women violently.

    “We are committed to ensuring that every officer and employee conduct themselves with the highest professional standards on and off duty to protect and serve the public, and we will root out those who do not.”

    The former Greenway personal officer will now be added to a banned list, meaning he cannot work for the police or a number of related agencies again.


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