Airport regulations are changing in a major way as restrictions on liquids may be lifted

    Airport regulations are changing in a major way as restrictions on liquids may be lifted

    The rules of the airport envisage major changes fluid restrictions and laptops in carry-on luggage can be removed for two years.

    Currently, passengers take the liquid with them hand luggage were limited to clear plastic bags of no more than 100 ml, which must be shown to security.

    However, now The Times reports that ministers considered possible changes to Heathrow Airport.

    The trial began in 2017 and used 3D scanners that allow staff to zoom in on bag contents and rotate images for inspection.

    This is local London: CanvaCanva (Image: Canva)

    But now BBC added that security restrictions on liquids and laptops in hand luggage could be lifted from mid-2024.

    Discussing the potential changes, Heathrow chief executive John Holland-Kaye said The Times: “We are slowly expanding.

    “We have just started expanding the security area in Terminal 3, which will have more computer scanners and the completion date is mid-2024. [Department for Transport].

    “Until then, the normal passenger experience will be that liquids remain in the bags.”

    It is reported that the biggest reasons delays in airport security they are said to be those who do not take things out of their bags or travel with large bottles of liquids.

    Back in 2019, former Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced plans to introduce new 3D hand baggage screening equipment to all major UK airports.

    Government officials said at the time that the 100ml liquid limit could no longer apply.

    The equipment was due to be rolled out over the next few years, with the Department for Transport requiring all major UK airports to have technologies until December 1, 2022.

    However, the pandemic has affected the deadline, seeing passenger numbers drop sharply due to travel restrictions around the world.

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