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Attempted Car Theft – Fatima Pervez – Hamley House

Attempted Car Theft - Fatima Pervez - Hamley House

On Monday, November 21 at 02:38 a.m., an offender was caught attempting to steal a vehicle in Old Isleworth. The man was filmed by a Ring doorbell riding his bike along Warple Road and then trying to open a car door, causing the alarm to go off, prompting the car’s owner to scare off the burglar. The robber was forced to take the bicycle and leave the area. The man was wearing a jacket and is said to be white with a heavy Eastern European accent.
The man also allegedly managed to successfully steal a van in South East Hounslow. At that time, the man was holding a rucksack in his hands. The van has not been found yet. The owner of the car urged people on social media to be vigilant and watch out for such people.


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