Coronavirus infection (COVID-19) study – antibody data for Northern Ireland

Today, the Department of Health released a report on antibody data from the COVID-19 Contagion Investigation (CIS). The findings set out in this report refer to estimates for NI for the week commencing 17 October 2022.

This report is part of the Northern Ireland Publications Series as part of the COVID-19 Contagion Study. More information can be found at Website of the Ministry of Health.

The main conclusions

In this bulletin, we report the proportion of the population estimated to have antibodies against SARS-CoV-2, the specific virus that causes coronavirus (COVID-19).

The bulletin also provides estimates of antibody positivity at 2,000 ng/mL, 4,000 ng/mL, and 6,000 ng/mL. These levels were introduced to improve monitoring of antibody levels and their decline.

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