The head of the terrorist group who planned to bomb the London Stock Exchange lost his bid to be released from prison

The head of TERROR who planned to bomb the London Stock Exchange has lost his bid for freedom.

Mohammed Shahjahan, 38, was deemed too dangerous for release by the parole board prison.


Parole board finds Mohammad Shahjahan too dangerous to be released from prisonAuthor: Viewfinder Pictures

In 2012, he received 17 years for Al-Qaeda inspired conspiracy against guns and bombs of London financial district.

Jihadist, from Stoke-on-Trentwas released in 2019 but recalled to prison for breaching license conditions.

He pleaded for release last month, but a prison psychologist admitted that Shahjahan had a “tendency to be oblivious to the consequences of his actions”.

Shahjahan planned the proposed Stock exchange indignation with Usman Khan28, and Nazam Hussain, 38.

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All three admitted to participating in the preparation of terrorist acts and were imprisoned.

Khan killed Jack Merritt, 25, and Saskia Jones, 23, at an offender rehabilitation conference at Fishmongers’ Hall in November 2019, before being shot dead by police in a nearby London Bridge.

Denying Shahjahan freedom, Tori Nigel Mills MP said: “This is the right decision.

“We don’t want these monsters walking the streets.”

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