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Paul Scully has been “inundated” with letters from people who are outraged by ULEZ


London Secretary Paul Scully said he had been inundated with letters from South Londoners outraged by TfL’s plan to extend the ultra-low emission zone charge to £12.50 a day.

The Sutton MP and Cheam’s comments come a week after Sutton residents walked out on a council meeting to protest a £12.50 charge for some cars being delivered to their area.

Mr Scully said the number of letters opposing the expansion of the Transport for London scheme was only increasing and it was one of the main topics in his weekly local cabinet meetings.

The Conservative MP said: “I will be strongly opposed to this. Sutton has 28,000 non-compliant cars – if you look at why that is, it’s because Sutton has had the least investment from TfL.

“Without the Tube or trams, we are one of the most connected areas of London, people rely on their cars.

“People I’m hearing from are appalled not only by the policy but by the way it’s being carried out with complete disregard for consultation.”

Ruth Dombey, Liberal Democrat leader of Sutton Council, said she would write to Mr Scully to ask “what he is going to do to stop this unfair charging of our residents”.

She said: “We have made it clear that we welcome initiatives that improve air quality, but we are adamant that any extension of the ULEZ to Sutton must be accompanied by significant investment in public transport, improved cycling and walking infrastructure, a fair and appropriate disposal scheme and the extension a planned implementation date so that people have enough time to make the necessary adaptations.

“The council cannot and will not support the extension of the ULEZ scheme as currently proposed.”

Along with other London boroughs, Sutton said it would not allow TfL to install the cameras needed to operate the ULEZ charge.


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