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Those born, eating and drinking in India should be called ‘Hindus’: Kerala Governor


Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) [India]January 29 (ANI): Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan has said that the word ‘Hindu’ is a geographical term and that those born in India, who eat and drink in the country should be called ‘Hindus’.

The Kerala Governor made the remark while inaugurating a ‘Hindu Conclave’ organized by Malayan Hindus settled in North America in Thiruvananthapuram on Saturday.

“Sir Syed Ahmed Khan once said that I don’t think Hinduism is a religious term, it is a geographical term. Anyone who is born in India, eats food grown in India or drinks water from Indian rivers deserves to be called a Hindu,” he said. said.

“You must call me Hindu… During the colonial era, it was quite normal to use terms like Hindu, Muslim and Sikh because the British made communities the basis for deciding even the ordinary rights of citizens,” he said.

The Kerala Governor had earlier criticized the BBC documentary and said that those who wanted to see India in hundreds of parts are upset that is why they are doing such negative propaganda.

“Those who predicted darkness for India, those who said that India will be divided into hundreds of pieces, they feel upset and that is why you see all these conspiracies where such negative propaganda is being done. They make such documentaries and indulge in various propaganda. Why don’t they make a documentary about the time the British came to India,” said Kerala Governor Arif Muhammad.

He said that India is not a poor country. “That’s why people from abroad came to India because of its fabulous wealth. But by 1947 we almost became an icon of poverty in South Asia. But now everything has changed,” he said.

“Today multinational companies are headed by people of Indian origin and the world is realizing India’s potential. The world knows from our history that if we are powerful, no one can threaten us. We have never used these powers to dominate others. rather we believe in the potential divinity of man and woman,” he added.

Notably, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) aired a two-part series attacking Prime Minister Modi’s tenure as Gujarat Chief Minister during the 2002 Gujarat riots. This documentary caused outrage and was removed from some platforms. (ANI)

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