Flat Earth Pizza: Windows broken in vandal attack

The owners of Flat Earth Pizzas have launched a fundraiser to raise £15,000 in damages.

A Met spokesman said police were called on March 8 to reports of criminal damage at Flat Earth Pizzas on Cambridge Heath Road.

This is local London: A restaurant spokesman said seven windows were smashed in the attackA restaurant spokesman said seven windows were broken in the attack (Image: Flat Earth Pizza)

They said: “A number of windows were reported to have been smashed overnight.

“Investigations are ongoing, including the collection of witness statements and CCTV.”

According to the police, there were no arrests.

In a social media post on Twitter, Sarah Brading, one of the two owners of the eatery, said: “Seven windows in our restaurant were smashed.

“This senseless attack will cost us.”

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The restaurant’s owners have launched a GoFundMe page, which has raised more than £5,000.

In the page’s description, Sarah said: “We’ve worked tirelessly day in and day out building a business from the ground up with the sole purpose of fighting a broken food system and making the world a little bit better.”

Sarah claims this is the third case of broken windows at the restaurant since it opened in April 2022.

She wrote: “We are now at our wits end… the emotional cost of this traumatic experience is beyond repair.”

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