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Polish ‘call girl’, 44, accused of ‘cheating’ banker lover’s family out of his £4m property, found dead in London flat


A WOMAN who was embroiled in a legal battle with her banker boyfriend’s family over his £4m property has been found dead.

Magdalena Zalinsky, 44, was discovered by police officers who broke down the door to her flat in Clapham, South London, after officers on patrol were contacted by neighbors concerned about her welfare.


Magdalena Zalinska, 44, was found dead in her home in south LondonPosted by Champion News

The MailOnline reports that police have confirmed that the death of former nightclub owner Ms Zalinska is being treated as unexpected but not suspicious.

She was at the center of a bitter battle over her ex-lover Danny Truel’s estate after he died in 2019.

Danny, who made an £18million fortune at Goldman Sachs before becoming Britain’s highest-paid charity chief, died aged 55 after suffering from motor neurone disease for years.

His brother Eddie claimed Ms Zelinski, originally from Poland, had “undue influence” on him and referred to her as a “call girl” through his lawyers.

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He also claimed she used her nightclub as a “front” to “extort” money from the multi-millionaire.

The row erupted after she inherited Danny’s share of his flat in Clapham, South London, in her will, as well as £2m in cash and £1.3m from his bank account seven years before his death.

Ms Zalinski, who was nine years her junior to Danny, denied the claims and insisted their relationship was genuine and loving.

At a preliminary hearing in the case, Amit Karia, Ms. Zalinsky’s lawyer, drew attention to the fact that he named her his “partner and dependent” in his will.

However, Eddie and John Rayner Hatchard (another executor of the estate) say the evidence casts doubt on the “quality” of the relationship.

While Eddy has admitted that she had a sexual relationship with his brother, he claims that she exerted “undue influence” on him to transfer money and property, and that the will should therefore be set aside.

The first hearing was told the dispute revolved around a “strange relationship” between the couple.

Edward Hicks, acting for Eddie, told the judge that Danny led two “very different lives”, one with his family and one with Ms Zalinsky.

He added that he and his clients “have evidence that she has had relationships with other people.”

The case was due to be decided at a two-week session of the High Court next year.

It is not clear what the ramifications of Ms Zalinska’s death will be, although she has two children who could inherit the property and money she received from Danny.


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