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How fast can your plane run on pu


BRITS could be boarding planes powered by their own poo in just a few years.

The scientist told how fertilizers can propel airplanes until 2030.


The British could fly airplanes powered by their poopAuthor: Getty

In recent years aviation the industry is looking for ways to make air travel greener.

While many tourism experts and academics welcomed it hydrogen as a greener fuel option, one scientist believes that fertilizer may be the right solution.

Bill David, professor of inorganic chemistry at the University named after Oxfordrecently shared his findings.

He explained that ammonia, a gas found in fertilizers, could sustainably power airplanes until the end of the decade.

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He told Daily Mail: “In principle, we can retrofit an Airbus A320 or a Boeing 787 and only touch the wing to virtually replace the aviation fuel with ammonia.

“If you do the sums, at 500 mph you get the same flame speed as jet fuel and the same power, but only 40 percent of the range.”

Even with the achieved range, the 787 will still be able to fly from London to New York.

He added: “I think we’ll see the first of these actually in the air by 2030.”

While an ammonia-based aircraft is currently being developed, there are concerns about it green fuel choice

A report on Net Zero Aviation, published by the Royal Society, warns that sustainable alternatives to jet fuel will require the UK to give up half of its farmland.

As scientists in the aviation industry try to develop sustainable fuel options, airlines have begun implementing their own schemes to help Britons travel greener.

last year British Airways introduced the scheme in which customers are given the opportunity to purchase carbon upgrade credits in an attempt to help flyers manage their carbon footprint.

While the flight operator already offsets the carbon emissions of all its flights within the limits Great Britainthe scheme puts customers back in the driver’s seat or cockpit.

CO2develop climate The platform helps users understand and calculate emissions while flying.

Meanwhile, a study of 2,000 adults found that a third wanted to be bigger ecologically and socially conscious in their travels, but this rises to 41 percent for 18-24 year olds.

The study, commissioned by IHG Hotels & Resorts, also found that half of all adults surveyed are more concerned about doing their bit for the planet traveling today than 10 years ago.

And four out of five consider it important to get to know the local community when visiting a new place.

One scientist believes that fertilizer could be a sustainable fuel for the aviation industry


One scientist believes that fertilizer could be a sustainable fuel for the aviation industryAuthor: Getty


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