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I swapped X Factor life for fun with Kylie on the farm – we look homeless without eyelashes, says Dannii Minogue

POP’S most famous sisters recently delighted legions of LGBT fans with their first on-stage reunion in eight years at Sydney’s World Pride.

But according to Danny Minogueshe and Kylie were not always the best of friends.


Dannii Minogue says she and sister Kylie weren’t always the best of friendsAuthor: BBC
Dani and Kylie recently reunited on stage at World Pride in Sydney


Dani and Kylie recently reunited on stage at World Pride in SydneyAuthor: Getty

When asked if the superstar siblings clashed in their youth, she says, “We used to fight.

“I think you should,” before adding that before they found fame in the Eighties, they still got along “most of the time.”

A few weeks ago there were two performed a stunning duet with Kylie’s 2010 hit All The Lovers to kick off the 17-day festival at Australia – sparkling body swaying.

But as much as they love the glitz and glitz, Dannii, 51, and Kylie, 54, also like to shed it to hang out in tattered old clothes on their family farm in Melbourne.

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Ex X factor The judge, who had hits with Put The Needle On It and I Begin To Wonder in the early 2000s, says it’s important to take a break from her pristine pop star image.

Dani reveals, “The moment we step onto the farm, Kylie and I have old clothes that have holes in them. . . we will not let them go.

“We look homeless. And it’s so good after all the lashes and makeup and heels and hair — which we love, but it’s that balance because it’s so extreme what we’re doing on stage.”

She returned to Australia in 2011after living in London for 22 years because she wanted to raise her son Ethan, now 12, near her family.

“I just wanted to feel that pod,” she says. “I didn’t know what I was doing, so I wanted to be near my mom.”

The following year, she split from Ethan’s father, ex-rugby player Chris Smith, 44, and is now dating a music producer Adrian Newman.

She says the mentorship comes through on The X Factor – which she won in 2007 with Leon Jackson and in 2010 with Matt Cardle – instilled a maternal instinct and caused a desire to be a mother.

Dani says: “I’m kind of a tough love – all my members know I’ll tell it like it is, but I’m here to give you a mother.

“And I never thought of being a mother.

“It was because of that mentoring experience that I thought, ‘I love this.’

“I love putting energy into someone and seeing them flourish.

“And who would have thought? I never thought I would be working—and I never thought it would open me up to this feeling.

“And here I am, Mom, and I love it.”

But Dana has fond memories of life in the south Londonwhere she returned to promote her new gay dating show I kissed the boywhich is launched on BBC Three on Sunday.

“It’s so amazing to be back here,” she admits.

“I lived in Battersea and Battersea Park was my favorite place.

“I can’t imagine living here now, but when I lived here I couldn’t imagine leaving,” she tells fellow pop stars Jesse Ware on the Table Manners podcast.

“I’ve been here 22 years.”

During this time, she befriended an older neighbor named Jo, with whom she regularly drank champagne and “was lovely”.

Dani says: “I had the most wonderful neighbor – she was the most important to me. She was much older than me.

“We were on the ninth floor and I was volunteering to go out and wash the windows and she said, ‘That’s amazing, you’re on the X Factor and you’re washing my windows.’

“And I say, ‘I’m cleaning mine, I’ll come and clean yours.'”

They were so close that Dani even gave Jo a key to her house and says her friend helped her deal with the stress of being on the UK’s biggest TV show at the time.

Dani won The X Factor in 2007 with Leon Jackson and in 2010 with Matt Cardle


Dani won The X Factor in 2007 with Leon Jackson and in 2010 with Matt CardlePosted by TalkBack Thames

She recalls: “Sometimes I’d come back from The X Factor at, say, 1am and she’d put a little tray in my fridge with a glass of wine and some nice sandwiches.

“She loved to cook, and when her husband, who I was also very good friends with, died, she widowed me.

“She had neither children nor grandchildren.

“We would like to share champagne and look at the view of London and it could be any time of the day and we will just drink champagne and be wonderful.

“She had a mink coat and I’m like, ‘Go and get a mink coat!’ Put it on, we’re drinking champagne, we’re not celebrating anything.”

When asked if Jo is alive, Dani says, “She’s alive, but now she doesn’t remember me.

“But congrats to Jo – she’s always loved champagne.”

But now Danny is back on our screens I kissed the boythe first ever gay show on British television.

She says of the groundbreaking program: “We’re just opening the door.

“You can think whatever you want about the show, you can judge it, be the couch judge, yell at the TV, love it, hate it, whatever — just watch it because it’s the first time.

“I learned so much on the show that I came up with my drag queen name when we were on set.

“She’s Scottish. . . she Mor-gay by day. Every day I became more cheerful.

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“You’ll learn things you didn’t know before watching this show.

“There are things that just come out in conversation, and I love that they’re not explained because it’s made for the gay community — and it’s about time.”

Dani is currently dating music producer Adrian Newman


Dani is currently dating music producer Adrian NewmanAuthor: Getty
Dani currently hosts I Kissed A Boy, the first gay show in British television history


Dani currently hosts I Kissed A Boy, the first gay show in British television historyAuthor: BBC


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