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Train the bricks or we will never stop hiring migrants

TORY titan Michael Gove says Britain’s high migration rate is putting a strain on housing demand.

Well! Whose fault could it be Mikhail?


Tories like Michael Gove show no sign of understanding the root cause of staggering levels of immigrationAuthor: PA

And after 13 years in power, and after five Tori Prime Ministers of all shapes and sizes, no one can say the Conservatives haven’t had every opportunity to reshape the country in their image.

Next week, however, the official figures for net migration will be released, which will no doubt be a record high—perhaps not much below the ONE MILLION mark.

The government’s housing target – that euphemism for a meaningless, empty promise – is to build 300,000 homes a year.

And guess what? It currently falls short of this goal.

More than half of Britons think immigration has been too high in the past 10 years
The fight against the number of migrants is not racism, the interior minister insists

The goal itself is based on the assumption that net migration — The difference between the number of people leaving and arriving in Great Britain is approx 170 thousand per year.

The number some experts are predicting for next week is 997,000 – more than double the previous number.Brexit recording

And these people do not get out of the holey boats.

“Britain has always been a country that has benefited from the arrival of talented people and people fleeing persecution,” Gove told the British National Conservative Conference in London this week.

“But the numbers have recently been at such a level that pressure on housing and public services is inevitable.”

Oh govey baby – whose fault is it?

These Tories are so completely, spectacularly out of touch with real life that their Oxbridge education doesn’t even occur to them, that we desperately need to increase apprenticeships to reduce the need to import workers.

Ships have acquired a symbolic meaning. maybe Rishi stop them or not?

But next week’s LEGAL migration statistics should be much more important to the public mind.

Of far greater importance to our national life is that skilled workers come here legally to do the work we are too ignorant to do it ourselves.

Immigration is a good thing when a newcomer brings something to our workforce that is lacking.

But everyone who comes needs somewhere to live, health for themselves and their families, education for their children.

It’s crazy for the government to relax the migration rules for skilled craftsmen when our own people should have these skills.

And unattainable Tories like Michael Gove show no sign of understanding the root cause of the staggering levels of immigration.

There is a learning deficit in the UK.

Our own youth are not being trained for skilled jobs that would give them employment for life.

Construction bosses say there are only 70,000 bricklayers working in the country – a staggering number in a country of 67 million.

Demand for bricks is skyrocketing.

Some earn more than £125,000 a year, placing them in the top tax bracket.

Think about it – bricks pay the same rate of tax as Major league football players

Donald Duck degrees

Downing Street relaxes the visa regime for foreign builders.

They have no choice or there will be no one to build all those new homes they keep promising.

But why can’t we train young Britons to be bricklayers – electricians, plumbers, plasterers, carpenters and insurers?

Since Tony Blair years, the emphasis was on getting every young man into the university, as if that was the case Glastonbury so they can rack up £27,000+ in debt and get a minnie mouse degree which is worthless in the working world.

It would only be better under Sir Softy?

No — Donald Duck college degrees for everyone are a Work invention.

There has been much debate in recent days about Brexit and its success or failure.

But if we can’t teach our youth to be carpenters, masons, insurers, electricians, plasterers and plumbers, then it doesn’t matter if we’re on the inside or the outside. European Union.

We will always need to import skilled workers from foreign shores.

Even if there are a million of them every year.

Titanic plain to the sea

Titanic continues to engulf our collective consciousness.

For the first time, the most famous shipwreck in history has been subjected to a full-scale digital scan created using the latest deep-sea mapping technology.

Magellan took 700,000 underwater pictures of the Titanic this week


Magellan took 700,000 underwater pictures of the Titanic this weekAuthor: AP

In the past, submersibles with low-resolution cameras have shown only tiny glimpses of the Titanic, which lies 3,800 meters deep in the Atlantic.

But 700,000 images taken by Magellan Ltd, a deep-sea mapping company, reveal the wreck in its entirety for the first time.

The 3D reconstruction is so accurate that you can see the unopened bottles of champagne and the shoes of the dead.

The Titanic will never be raised – after lying at the bottom of the sea since 1912, it will collapse.

Over time, it will completely disappear.

So these new images are the closest we’ll ever get to seeing the wreckage.

It’s incredible stuff – although I don’t believe these new images mean the Titanic will “finally reveal its secrets”.

Don’t we already know what happened?

The Titanic collided with an iceberg on its maiden voyage in 1912.

Of the 2,223 passengers and crew, only 706 survived, mostly women and children, mostly from first and second class.

These new images are stunning.

But “Titanic” does not capture our imagination, because there is a real mystery about how its first voyage ended.

We know that the Titanic was the embodiment of advanced technology of its time.

We know that lifeboats are in short supply because it was thought that they would never be needed.

We know Kate Winslet there was no place for the poor Leonardo DiCaprio the door is floating on it.

The reason we still care about the Titanic is because the unsinkable ship shows how people make plans.

And God laughs.

Reparations? Probably dreaming

WE talk of reparations for slavery abolished here in 1807, and yet we never hear of reparations for the evil wrongs of our age.

What about China paying reparations for unleashing Covid on the world?

How about Russia starting an unprovoked war in Europe?

Where are the reparations for all this?

Fokker Beach

SOME believe that becoming a father for the seventh time at the age of 79 will be Robert De Niro the most difficult role.

“I’ve had a few accomplishments in my life, but being married to a Victoria’s Secret girl is by far the best,” he sighs.

Robert De Niro's latest film has to be a more impressive cinematic achievement than Meet the Fockers.


Robert De Niro’s latest film has to be a more impressive cinematic achievement than Meet the Fockers.Credit: Handout

The Abbey is not such a secret admirer

CLANCY ABBEY poses in a row of sweatpants for Victoria’s Secret and her husband Peter Crouch almost purring with pride.

“I’ve had a few accomplishments in my life, but being married to a Victoria’s Secret girl is by far the best,” he sighs.

Abbey Clancy and Peter Crouch met in a bar in Liverpool 12 years ago


Abbey Clancy and Peter Crouch met in a bar in Liverpool 12 years ago

Yes, being married to Abby has to be next to Crouchy’s legendary robot dance.

Bring back Boris

BRING BACK Boris!” Card-carrying Tories chanted at the conference last weekend.

These are the same people who, given the choice between Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak, voted for Truss.

Bring Boris back?

why? Boris-loving Tories are as delusional as any freckled-faced student who once sang Jeremy Corbyn’s praises to the tune of the Seven Nations Army.

No one can compete with Garrett

ENGLAND “could go for a foreigner” as manager afterwards Gareth Southgate John McDermott says FA technical director.

As we learned in Manchester on Wednesday night, the greatest football manager in the world is a Catalan.

England could go for a foreign coach after Gareth Southgate


England could go for a foreign coach after Gareth Southgate

Pep Guardiola would make a great England boss.

I'm a discount devil - Primark beauty cheats to buy now for less than a fiver
I'm a busy mum - my £1 hack to instantly make a pool on the beach is brilliant

But nothing sums up the agony and ecstasy of our national team like the manager’s meme Southgate (circa World Cup 2018 in a vest) comforting a Southgate player (circa a penalty in a gray shirt at Euro 1996).

No manager will ever have England in his DNA like Gareth Southgate.

Pass the package guys

ADIDAS claims its striking ad featuring a biological man in a women’s swimsuit is “a celebration of self-expression, fantasy and an unwavering belief that love unites.”

I’m glad they figured it out.

For a moment I thought it was an irreconcilable feast of meat and two vegetables.


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