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London mayor hopeful Tory vows to end assaults on drivers and unveils radical plan to stop running red lights at fixed times

RED lights in London could be turned off overnight if Sadiq Khan is sacked as mayor, The Sun reports.

Tori hopeful Dan Korski today vowed to finally finish Mr. Khan attack drivers and impose a radical change on London’s roads.


Tory mayoral candidate Dan Korski today announced plans for a major overhaul of London’s roadsAuthor: Elise Michely
Dan Korski has vowed to scrap ULEZ expansion and get rid of unnecessary 20mph limits if Sadiq Khan wins


Dan Korski has vowed to scrap ULEZ expansion and get rid of unnecessary 20mph limits if Sadiq Khan wins

When elected London Mayor Mr. Korski will study the possibility of switching off the red light from 10 pm to 7 am.

Instead, sensor-controlled yellow flashing lights will “make traffic easier.”

Mr Korski, a former Number 10 aide, will also allow motorists and cyclists to share lanes on routes where cycle segregation causes frustrating congestion.

And 20mph limits will be limited where there is no obvious reason for a limit.

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Rishi blocked cash to speed up asylum backlog when chancellor, Patel says

The mayoral candidate also wants to drastically reduce traffic enforcement measures, including banning right turns and closing streets where they don’t have the support of local residents.

Mr Korski told The Sun: “Sadiq Khan’s transport policy seems irrational to London voters.

“First of all, it’s hard to see how they help the environment.

“They chase away motorists and, which is very unreasonable, turn people against the environment.

“All my changes will be made with community input.”

The battle to replace Mr Khan is heating up, with eight Tory mayors vying for a candidate.

Most leaders, including Mr Korski, have vowed to scrap the hated ULEZ expansion due in August.

the minister Paul Scully said that he would abandon eco-applications from the first day he won.

He told The Sun: “I promise my first act as mayor will be to order all these new cameras off on my first day.

“You don’t need to go wild to improve air quality small business charitable organizations and the people who can least afford those changes.”

The party will shortlist three candidates before giving London members the chance to vote on the final name.

The winner will go head-to-head with Mr Khan for the mayoralty next May.


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