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Virgin Media down last as thousands report problems with landline internet and ‘total outage’ in service


Am I entitled to compensation from Virgin Media?

You may be experiencing problems with your internet, calls or mobile services is entitled to compensation.

But when it comes to turning off TV, services don’t fall under the same scheme.

We’ve asked Virgin Media if compensation is available for TV customers and we’ll update this page when we get more information.

If you are a Virgin Media customer, you can visit the My Virgin service update website to check the status of the service where you live when the site is live.

Enter your zip code to find out if there is a problem in your area.

Internet firms typically pay £8 for every day that broadband and home phone services are not repaired after two full days without service.

They will also pay £25 for each missed appointment or for appointments canceled with less than 24 hours notice, plus you will be charged £5 for each calendar day of delay until the new service starts.

This usually happens automatically.

If you are a mobile customer and suffer from a lack of service, you may be entitled to a refund or top-up, depending on the circumstances.

If you are out of service for an extended period of time, you may also be entitled to leave without being charged, although neither of these is automatic – you need to ask your provider.

If your problem is still not resolved after eight weeks, you can complain to an independent Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) scheme.

Virgin Media is signed up to the CISAS ADR scheme.


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