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Deliveroo protest: Rider dies after Streatham hit-and-run

Ian, 31, called for attention following the death of Ronaldo Medeiros de Oliveira, a 44-year-old driver who died last week in a crash while making a delivery in Streatham, south London.

According to the Evening Standard, on the evening of May 11, the occupants of the overturned BMW got out and fled on foot in Leigham Court Road, Streatham.

One local resident saw a motorcyclist in his 40s “lying motionless” on the ground after hearing a “terrible roar” coming from his apartment.

Ian, who has worked at Deliveroo for five years, told the PA news agency: “There are dangers that we face on a daily basis. One small injury is enough to lose a salary, even enough to kill us like my friend.

“We face abuse from the general public, sometimes from customers.

“The pay we’re facing for these things clearly doesn’t reflect that. We should be paid £16 an hour or even more, depending on the amount of danger we face, the risk we have to take.

“I might leave tomorrow, who knows? It’s scary that we risk our lives just to feed our family and pay off our debts.

“The pay, the conditions, it’s a joke. £2.90 for delivery will do nothing. I lost a friend last week in a hit and run and he was killed while working for Deliveroo so I feel I need to raise awareness of the dangers.

“I know drivers who go to food banks. I’m literally struggling to make ends meet.”

Campaigners ShareAction and the IWGB (Independent Workers’ Union of Great Britain) organized riders to challenge the Deliveroo board at Wednesday’s annual general meeting. May 24.

Outside 100 Bishopsgate, London, where the company’s chief executive Will Shu is holding a general meeting, drivers held up banners reading “Shame on Shu” and chanted “Delivery, you’re worthless, pay your drivers properly”.

The riders said they wanted to raise concerns about pay levels and the hassles associated with their “independent worker” status.


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