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I pushed the Just Stop Oil yobs who were blocking the traffic but then the police attacked me – it was very brutal

AN INSURANCE man collared for pushing back Just Stop Oil activists who were blocking traffic claims police could have been making tea for protesters.

Louis Greaves, 21, was an hour late to work because of protesters yes jumped out of the van to take care of things into your hands.


Louis Greaves, 21, jumped out of his van to stop the Just Stop Oil trafficWritten by: Kevin Dunnett
But the officers detained Luis on suspicion of disturbing the peace


But the officers detained Luis on suspicion of disturbing the peace

The video showed him pushing two environmental activists out of the way on Blackfriars Bridge as they approached the central London traffic came to a standstill during Tuesday’s slow march.

But instead of using the new powers to move the protesters to the pavement, officers detained Luis on suspicion of public disorder.

He said: “The officers were standing there having a leisurely chat and may have also made the protesters a cup of tea, inviting them to block traffic.”

Luis said he tried to move the activists, but the police rushed.

Just Stop Oil yobs hosed down during protest at Chelsea Flower Show

“He said: ‘They dragged me out, saying that I attacked the protesters – and all this while the police officers attacked me.

“It was quite difficult.

“I was trying to bring peace, if anything, by getting them out of the way.

“People were at their wits end and I had to step in.”

Self-employed Louis, from Bromley, south-east London, was later told he was not expected to take further action.

He said: “They didn’t even say sorry.

“I think they should apologize to the whole of London for not doing their job.

“I don’t see how we can trust the police to protect us if they can’t stop 20 angry vegans with signs from stopping movement.”

Met the assistant commissar Matt Twist said: “We absolutely understand why those affected by traffic delays will be frustrated.

“I would like to urge the public not to get involved or take matters into their own hands, but to call the police, tell us where the incident happened and we will be there soon.”


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