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Shoppers stunned to find crack pipes on sale behind post office counter

CRACK pipes were found for sale over the counter – at the post office.

The glassware was spotted behind a counter in central London.


Glass pipes popular with crack cocaine users spotted behind counter in central LondonCredit: PROVIDED
Pipes on a shelf with other smoking related products


Pipes on a shelf with other smoking related productsCredit: PROVIDED

The packaging states that the pipes are “tobacco only”.

But the shape and design are often associated with the use of prohibited substances.

Pipes were sold alongside vapes in Farringdon.

Stunned shopper Frank Bolt said: “I just popped in Mail for some stamps and faced a a crack a trumpet I could not believe my eyes.

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“When I asked the staff what they did for a living, they shrugged their shoulders and looked a little confused.

“Addicts must be happy that there are pipes next to passport applications.

“I know the post office prides itself on serving the local community, but this is ridiculous.”

A Post Office spokesman said: “The postmaster often has a trading area in addition to the post office and he decides what to sell.

“It is not illegal to sell, buy or possess unused glass tubes.

“They can be purchased in stores and online, including Amazon. The packaging clearly states that they are for tobacco use only.’

But a Post Office spokesman later added: “The postmaster has also agreed to remove the stock of glass pipes.”


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