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Spymasters want a ‘Q’-style tech team to help create the next generation of 007 gadgets

SPYMASTERS are touting a ‘Q’-style tech team to help build the UK’s next generation of 007 gadgets.

Heads of protection of St MI5MI6 and GCHQ want boffins to help fight cyber attacks, terrorists and organized crime in Londonspy headquarters plus Cheltenham and Manchester bases.


Spymasters tout ‘Q’-style tech team to help build UK’s next generation of 007 gadgetsWritten by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / Supplied by LMK

The behind-the-scenes roles reflect the work of the fictional head of Q – or “The Quartermaster” he performs Ben Whishaw in James Bond film franchise.

Jobs currently being advertised online include Product Manager at £56,874, Product Owner at £48,104 and Senior Product Innovation Manager at £62,592.

A source said: “On-screen Q may be best known for his love of the Earl Gray mug and funny gadgets, but in reality his work is crucial to keeping the country safe.”

Candidates are told that product management roles are responsible for “providing best-in-class technology solutions” to help deliver “critical information” to spies working on “frontline missions”.

We've been chased by the police and terrorized because we're called James Bond

The product manager will be tasked with deciding “what products we need to build to keep the country safe” – like the famous line of exploding pens and bloodstream-infecting nanobots, the Q’s.

While the Product Owner’s job is to “bring unique products to life and help us build a culture where innovation and experimentation can thrive.”

The Senior Product Innovation Manager will help “articulate the product vision, goals and deliverables” while helping to guide Product Owners and Managers in their work.

Q, who loves tea, is famous for his affiliation Daniel Craig007 with cutting edge technology like the Aston Martin DB5 with a machine gun and a bomb in No Time To Die.

Other favorites include the magnetic bodysuit in No Time To Die, the laser microphone in Scepter and the portable defibrillator in Casino Royale.

In April, it was reported that spymasters were looking for handymen to do odd jobs on James Bond-style missions.

Potential bidders were told that the intelligence service’s chips and plasterers were vital to tackling Britain’s terror threat and “keeping the country safe”.

But recruits were also advised that they would need to spend at least two hours in the gym each week to stay in shape.


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