UK weather: Met Office warns of 2in of snow today with travel chaos feared – four DAYS of ice warning

BROTHERS can expect a gloomy start to the week with two inches of snow expected today, which could cause travel chaos.

The Metaburo warned that you will need a “big coat” today due to the widespread frost.


Commuters in Scarborough, Yorkshire, battled snow and freezing temperatures on their way to workWritten by: Jordan Crosby
Today, even until 11 o'clock in the morning, there will be frost in many areas


Today, even until 11 o'clock in the morning, there will be frost in many areasAuthor: Metaburo


A commuter on London Bridge in the capital was bundled up to brave the cold this morningAuthor: LNP


Up to two inches of snow could fall today, according to the Met OfficeCredit: Unknown, clear with image


Several parts of the UK are under a Met Office yellow weather warning for MondayCredit: Unknown, clear with image


The National Highways Agency has issued a severe weather warning warning that some drivers may be strandedWritten by: Jordan Crosby


The warning covers all of Scotland and Northern Ireland on TuesdayAuthor: Metaburo


Another London commuter was prepared for a chilly start to the working week todayAuthor: LNP

The forecaster said in a tweet on X earlier Twitterup to two inches of snow could fall in some areas.

The Met Office reported that snowfall is likely to affect coastal areas, with 2-5 cm of snow falling in some places.

Motorists are facing tough times and may find themselves stranded due to arctic air.

The National Highways Agency has issued a severe weather warning for snow that has hit the North West, with road users being advised to plan ahead and some rural areas warned they may be temporarily cut off.

Rail passengers on the Chiltern Main Line are also facing travel chaos after a landslide near Bicester, Oxfordshire.

The border between London Marylebone and both Birmingham Mauro Street and Oxford as closed Network railway carry out repairs.

Chiltern Railways has issued a 'do not travel' warning as the line is not expected to reopen until 7am on Tuesday, causing major travel disruption.

Meteorologist Liam Eslick said temperatures would be around 5-6 degrees below normal for this time of year.

Mr Eslick said: “Particularly in the north where we have these warnings, we are likely to see some disruption to travel.

“We would therefore advise people to stick to main roads and avoid country lanes where possible.

“These are the places where there will be neither sand nor road clearing in the next couple of days.

“So we're encouraging people to take their time, make sure they have time to fix their cars in the morning and take it easy.”

He said: “So we're seeing a strong northerly wind bringing in a cold arctic air mass that's bringing these winter showers.”

He said “freezing conditions” were expected, with maximum temperatures of 0C in parts of Scotland and only 2 to 4C in southern parts of the UK.

The rest of the week doesn't look any better either, with the Met Office issuing a total of four days of ice warnings.

Snow is predicted for windward coastal areas, mainly in Northern Ireland and Scotland along with eastern East Anglia and NW Wales and north-west England.

These areas are covered in yellow the weather weather service warning indicating that there may be travel disruptions in these areas.

People living in these areas can expect: “Some roads and railways have been affected by longer journey times for road, bus and rail services.

“There is a small possibility of this power cuts will occur and other services such as mobile phone coverage may be affected.

“There is a small possibility that some rural communities may be cut off.

“There is a small possibility that snow-covered roads will result in delayed vehicles and passengers, as well as delays or cancellations of rail and air services.”

Although there could be many of them in winter the sun will feel cold.

Gusty winds in the north and along the east coast will bring significant cooling.

After sunset, the temperature will drop sharply, which will lead to widespread, and in some areas, severe frosts.

In most parts of the country, dry clearing will remain, and snowfall will continue in the north.

Another yellow weather warning is in place for Tuesday, covering all of Northern Ireland and all of Scotland, as well as NW England and parts of the north Wales.

Another traffic disruption is likely.

It will remain cold and frosty, and it will also rain in windy coastal areas.

In the afternoon, more significant rain, sleet and snow is expected in the northern regions.

In the rest of the regions, it is forecast to be dry and sunny.

Yellow weather warnings for Wednesday and Thursday cover northern Scotland and Northern Ireland, before extending down the west coast as far as south and south-west Wales.

These wintry showers will continue and although there will be sunshine, it will remain cold with frost and ice developing overnight.

On the windward coasts, rain continues throughout the week.

Temperatures are likely to rise late Friday with rain.

Deputy Chief Meteorologist Met Chris Ballmer previously said: “Snowy showers are likely to move inland from the coasts exposed to northerly winds from Sunday onwards.

“Snow showers will focus on northern Scotland, but the coasts of the North and Irish seas could also see snow at times.

“There are several weather systems we are monitoring for Tuesday and Wednesday that could bring some devastating snow to some areas.

“With persistent cold air, any weather systems that move across the country next week will bring mostly snow inland.

“The models are currently showing us many options for both systems and we will be able to add more details in the coming days.”


A cyclist braves the cold in Richmond Park, south west London, this morningAuthor: LNP


Properties in Killie, Staffordshire, were the first to receive snow todayAuthor: Reuters


A mother and daughter faced the elements while walking to school in Scarborough todayWritten by: Jordan Crosby


The snow will continue on WednesdayAuthor: Metaburo


The National Weather Service's weather warning for Thursday is pretty much the same as it was for WednesdayAuthor: Metaburo


Cars in Queen's Park, north west London, were covered in a layer of frost this morningAuthor: LNP


A brave swimmer plunged into the Serpentine in central London early this morningAuthor: LNP


Big waves hit Tynemouth Pier on Sunday nightCredit: cover images

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