Human rights laws have created a perverse incentive for foreigners to commit crimes – increasing their chances of staying

WE'VE heard the government promise to deport foreign criminals so many times that it's hard to take seriously Justice Minister Alex Cholk's announcement that petty foreign offenders – such as thieves, thieves and drug dealers – will be automatically deported rather than jailed Britain.

We know what will happen.


Our human rights agency has succeeded in creating a perverse incentive for some foreign nationals to commit crimesCredit: AFP – Getty
Gelash Kalichay was to be deported to his native Albania


Gelash Kalichay was to be deported to his native Albania

The criminals in question will hire expensive lawyers at the expense of the UK taxpayer to argue that deportation will violate them human rights.

This is exactly what happened last year in the case of Ibrahim Ahmadi, an Afghan who was convicted of rape after an attack on a sleeping woman in Glasgow flat.

He was supposed to be deported after his release from prison in 2019, but was not.

After Taliban regained his homeland two years later, his lawyers successfully argued that it was dangerous to return him because the Taliban would likely “take a dim view of a man who has committed a violent sex crime in a Western country”.

The law favors criminals

May it be ours migration courts would also

And yes, you helped pay for Ahmadi to stay in Britain. He received £13,562 in legal aid to fight his rape case and a further £1,330 to fight deportation.

The same with gang criminals.

Gyolosh Kalichay was to be deported to his homeland Albania after serving a six-year sentence imposed for money washing

No one is more fed up with the UK's lenient legal system favoring criminals over honest citizens than Albanians themselves

However, his lawyers argued that this violated his right to a family life because his Albanian wife and two children live in Britain.

Kalichay has already received dual citizenship on the grounds that he was previously married to a British woman.

Rishi Sunak promises that more will be done to curb the rapid migration amid the new backlash

No one is more fed up with how the UK's soft legal system favors criminals over honest citizens than Albanians themselves.

The Albanian head is one charity noted: “We see the removal of Albanians every day with legal business but not criminals who used their British passports carry out criminal activities”.

Completely. Our law enforcement agency has succeeded in creating a perverse incentive for some foreign nationals to commit crimes – because it increases their chances of staying in the UK.

And it will get worse with the latest incarnation of the government's scheme to send asylum seekers to Rwanda for processing.

By agreement, Rwanda send back to Britain all applicants who commit crimes in that country.

In other words, if you want to settle in Britain and not Rwanda, go shoplifting in downtown Kigali.

The local government says it has a deal with Albania to return its prisoners, but don't hold your breath.

Many countries are happy to overload Britain with their criminals and do not want them back.

David Cameron so desperate to deport Jamaican criminals that he even promised to fund a new one prison in the Caribbean country in exchange for them taking the offenders back to serve their sentences there, but the Jamaican government rejected the offer.

That is why, despite years of government efforts, there are 10,441 foreign offenders in UK prisons – one in eight of all prisoners.

We managed to put 37 murderers, rapists and drug dealers on a plane ready to fly to Jamaica in 2021.

The human rights industry takes the mickey

But no — the plane ended up taking off with only four of them on board, because the rest got a last-minute judicial reprieve.

The human rights industry takes the mickey.

The Government will never address this issue until they introduce new clauses into the Human Rights Act that make it absolutely clear that the rights of the UK public not to be killed, raped or defrauded by foreign criminals take precedence over criminals. ' own rights.

If it still turns out to be possible for a European court human rights to overturn the decision of the UK courts on this issue, then of course we have the option of withdrawing from the ECtHR.

Stolen principles

That would be a shame, as the UK has long been one of the world's leading defenders of human rights and helped establish the court in the first place.

But its founders would turn over in their graves if they knew how their lofty principles have since been hijacked by sleazy lawyers representing murderers and rapists.

Needless to say, the original convention that underlies the ECHR said nothing about a country being forced to make room for foreign criminals.

Indeed, it was quite strict in terms of rules the right – did not prohibit, for example, the death penalty.

Many of the protocols used to keep foreign criminals in Britain have only been added since then.

One of the promises Brexit was that it was to allow us to create our own “balloon” migration system designed to warmly welcome people who would work hard and contribute to our economy while turning away those who would be a burden.

Few would have thought at the time that the migrants who seem to have actually scored the most are the ones who came here to rob us and kill us.

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