An apartment in Silvertown is damaged in a fire caused by unattended cooking

London Fire Brigade were called to Agnes George Walk in Silvertown at 3.01pm yesterday (February 28) after the fire started when food was left unattended in the kitchen.

Firefighters from Poplar, East Ham, Stratford and Millwall fire stations attended the scene and brought the blaze under control at 3.32pm.

The brigade reported that there were no casualties as a result of the incident, the fire damaged part of a three-room apartment on the third floor.

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It has issued a reminder to the public that fires start more often in the kitchen than any other room in the home and that cooking safety advice should be followed.

A police spokesman said: “You can stay safe by following our simple cooking tips, such as never putting anything flammable near the stove.

“Keep all items such as tea towels, rags, plastic bowls and anything flammable away from the stove and always check that the stove is turned off when you have finished cooking.

“If you do have to leave the room, turn off the heat and never leave cooking unattended.”

Trying to put out a fire yourself, the spokesman added, could result in injury or even death and could increase the risk of more serious property damage.

“Get out of the room, lock the door, shout a warning to others and call 999,” the Brigade said.

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