Young reporter: Croydon High takes on mountains – Beiza Cummins, CHS

The girls set out on a 24-hour journey, traveling by bus, ferry and bus again.

They stayed at the Hotel Guitart in the town of La Molina in northeastern Spain. The hotel was located in the Pyrenees, where the girls were skiing.

The girls spent the first day on the road, adjusting their boots, helmets, skis and settling in their rooms.

After they had adjusted to the cold weather and surroundings, the girls were allowed to make four or three items from the shop.

Among the goods are a drink (juice or carbonated drinks were offered), sweets, chips, cookies.

Soon after, they went downstairs for dinner, which consisted of chicken nuggets and chips.

The next day the girls started skiing.

There were 4 groups of girls based on their skiing skills, from beginners to advanced.

The girls spent all their time on the slopes, and those who had never skied developed massively.

One novice skier, Ella Cummins, said that by the end of the trip she felt “confident in her skiing abilities” and that she was “excited to go again.”

All in all, the ski trip was a wonderful opportunity for the girls and inspired many to take up skiing themselves.–beyza-cummins-chs/?ref=rss

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