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Three injured in Clapham after being shot by a motorcyclist who was being chased by police

Three people were injured as a result of shots from a moped driver who was being chased by the police in south London.

Officers chased the moped after it failed to stop in an area of ​​Clapham shortly before 5pm on Friday, the Metropolitan Police said.

The force added that a firearm, believed to be a shotgun, was fired from a moped outside The Belle Vue pub in Clapham Common.

Two people received gunshot wounds, and the third was injured by a moped. The suspects then fled the scene and officers are trying to locate the moped.

(Aaron Chown/PA Wire)

A Belle Vue pub window appeared to have been smashed during the rush hour shooting.

Christopher Peters, who witnessed the aftermath of the attack, said The Independent: “I saw more than 10 stationary police cars blocking the intersection.

A police cordon at the scene of a shooting in Clapham, London

(Aaron Chown/PA Wire)

“There was police tape, ambulances, a helicopter overhead, more police cars coming at high speed from Clapham North and Clapham Junction.

“Then I saw what looked like a motorcycle on its side. And what looked like a bullet hole in the pub window at that intersection.'

A local hairdresser said he was “shocked” to hear the shooting outside his shop off Clapham Common.

Three people were injured as a result of shots from a moped rider

(Aaron Chown/PA Wire)

“We were all in shock because it was so close, the police were everywhere afterwards.”

A coroner at the scene of a shooting in Clapham

(Aaron Chown/PA Wire)

Sian Cole said she was nearly hit by the motorbike when it veered onto the pavement with police chasing her as she got off at Clapham Common tube station.

She told The Independent: “It was very scary because it was rush hour and there were a lot of people there.

“I was walking and the motorcycle just crashed right in front of me.

“And then I saw them get up and run. It was only then that I realized the police cars because I had Airpods.

“So I stopped the music and then I heard the gunshot. It could have hit any of us. He hit the woman in the leg. They were aiming from behind.”

(Aaron Chown/PA Wire)

Several roads in the area are blocked.

The London Ambulance Service said it took two people to a major trauma center in London and one to hospital.

The police said that none of the victims was in a life-threatening condition.

There is a crime scene on site, no arrests have been made.


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