It would be comforting to think that Wayne Cousens is the only one… but there is misogyny that permeates our police force

The Prime Minister is absolutely right – our country has never needed a decent police force more than it does today.

Even after the murder of Sarah Everard a senior officer in the Met, the reputation of the British the police is in the sewer.


The report on Sarah Everard's murder this week completely destroyed any remaining faith in the policeAuthor: PA

When I was growing up, you often heard that our the police were “the best in the world”.

I wonder if we'll ever hear that tune again?

Dixon of Dock Green was replaced by Wayne Cousins — the current Met police officer who stopped Sarah Everard three years ago by showing her his service card and lying that she was breaking some lockdown rules.

Then Cousins arrested Sara, handcuffed her, raped her, killed her, burned her body and dumped her remains in a pond.

It was and always will be a crime that is shocking this country to its very essence.

Our elected deputies are afraid of the crowd. Giant pro-Palestinian marches now take place every weekend.

Environmental idiots are lying in the middle of the road. Shoplifting and break-ins are on the rise.

But in the crisis of our country, trust in the police is at the lowest level.

The police are widely perceived to be woefully soft on crime, quick to bend the metaphorical knee to disruptive protests and act as if the crimes that disrupt ordinary life have nothing to do with them.

Last year, only 5.7 percent of criminal offenses resulted in prosecution or summons England and Wales.

Wayne Cousins ​​tried to kidnap a woman at knifepoint, raped 2 other people and sexually assaulted a child before killing Sarah Everard

I report this week on the murder of Sarah Everard completely destroyed all faith in the police.

“Sarah died because he was a police officer,” Sarah's family said in a calm, measured and heartfelt statement.

“She would never get into a stranger's car.”

Red flag

The investigation into Sarah's murder could not be more damning for the police.

This shows that a serial sex offender who should have been in prison years ago instead he was given a police uniform, a glittering career in the Met and even a firearm.

Cousins ​​are the scum who have been allowed to stand among the cream Metropolitan police – a revered father figure known as Papa Wayne who loves the young coppers.

Dixon of Dock Green represented the good qualities of a police force that are fast disappearing


Dixon of Dock Green represented the good qualities of a police force that are fast disappearingCredit: Halton Archives – Getty

The shocking and disgusting reality is that Cousens had a 30-year record for sex crimes.

Sexual abuse of a child. Two rapes. And several times he exposed himself. Every red flag was ignored.

Every time the lazy, lethargic coppers looked in that direction. The investigation concluded that Cousens had a “long-standing callous” attitude towards women and collected violent porn.

Totally rotten

One day we will find the sense to ask ourselves what a diet of violent pornography is doing to the male mind.

Especially when this warped male mind was sanctioned by the state power the police. But today we mourn Sarah Everard.

Her name will never be forgotten because Sarah's horrible, lonely death was a turning point for this country.

It would be comforting to think that Wayne Cousins ​​is a horrible aberration, an unseemly one-off. And we know in our own way hearts that this is not true.

A giggle is heard bulliesthe low-level misogyny that permeates our police force.

Think about it David Carrickjailed for life after committing 85 serious crimes, including numerous rapes, while a Met officer.

Remember Met officers Jamie Lewis and Denis Jaffer, jailed for taking and sharing photos of slain sisters Nicole Smallman and Bibaa Henry.

There are countless brave, decent officers who will put themselves in harm's way to protect strangers.

But something utterly rotten in the heart of our police force encouraged Wayne Cousins ​​to believe he could get away with murdering Sarah.

We will honor and respect Sarah's memory if our police can dig themselves out of the misogynistic ditch in which they rot today.

“It's been three years since Sarah died,” her parents said.

“We are no longer waiting for her call. We can't wait to see her again.

“We know that she will not be at family gatherings.

“But the desperate desire to have her with us remains and Sarah's loss touches every part of our lives.”

The pain of her parents Sue and Jeremy and siblings Katie and James is unimaginable.

Their lives were also stolen. With Cousins ​​serving a life sentence in his cozy cell, doesn't it feel like he's getting off too easy?

Tully is a local winner

David Tully spoke in Rochdale on local issues, this could catch on


David Tully spoke in Rochdale on local issues, this could catch onAuthor: LNP

“LABOR has lost the trust of millions of its voters,” they said George Galloway after winning the Rochdale by-election with a pro-Palestinian campaign which Keir Starmerour prime minister in waiting just can't compare.

And Galloway is right. There are many voters – Muslims, young people, progressives of all stripes – who feel that Labor does not care enough about the 30,000 Palestinians who died in Gaza after the crimes of Hamas on October 7.

If Galloway does what he threatens to do and field 50 candidates for his pro-Palestinian Labor Party for General electionsKeir Starmer may find he measured the curtains at 10 Downing Street a little prematurely.

Maybe even bigger news was the runner-up candidate Rochdale – killing off the Tories, the Labor Party, the Reformers and even the Mad Monster Party – there was a local businessman called David Tully who stood on a platform of caring for . . . Rochdale.

Talley was talking about local problems, not about a terrible war on the other side of the world. I wonder if it will catch on?

The family has to worry about Bianca exposing herself

Kanye West's penchant for being silly seems to be contagious


Kanye West's penchant for being silly seems to be contagiousAuthor: Getty

I didn't like it Kanye West since he was a bully Taylor Swift in 2009 MTV Video Awards, rushing on stage to challenge 19-year-old Taylor, who is winning Best Video.

President Obama called West a “jerk,” which was fair enough.

And it looks like in the West a donkey tendencies are contagious.

Bianca Censori dresses inappropriately everywhere


Bianca Censori dresses inappropriately everywhereAuthor: BackGrid

Bianca CensoriMrs. Kanye West, an Australian model and architect, stepped out wearing her husband's clothes the next one to nothing.

In Paris, Bianca stepped out with her global assets in full, front and back, leaving her underwear at the hotel.

Bianca's blink made headlines, but mean it Bianca could be fined £12,800 or even jailed according to the French laws of propriety.

Bianca's exhibitionism didn't look sexy, or spicy, or lewd, or anything like that. It looked crazy.

Bianca Censori is not a stupid woman. She has a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in architecture from the University of Melbourne.

But something is clearly wrong with her since she married the nefarious Kanye West in 2022.

And if I were Bianca's friend or family member, I would feel so bad for her.

Words of lost times

Love letters from the past sell - but what will we leave for future generations?


Love letters from the past sell – but what will we leave for future generations?Author: Getty – Contributor

PATTY BOYD, rock'n'roll's greatest sweetheart of the sixties and seventies, is selling her love letters from George Harrison and Eric Clapton at Christie's auction house.

Petty is known to have inspired two great songs – George Harrison's Something and Eric Clapton's Layla – and one bad song, Wonderful Tonight, in which Eric sounded like he'd had too much to drink and was ready for bed.

Good luck to her. Even a muse needs a retirement plan. What's really touching about Patty's old love letters is that they are the last of their kind.

What will you tell lovers in 50 years? Heart line emoji just not the same.

Anya Taylor Joy is one of the stars of Dune: Part Two.


Anya Taylor Joy is one of the stars of Dune: Part Two.Credit: anyataylorjoy/Instagram

I'm NOT buying the line Anya Taylor-Joy was “advertising the stars” when she shared a picture of her svelte figure tucked into a corset with her 10 million Instagram followers.

This has more to do with Anya promoting Dune: Part Two.

And as someone who nodded off during Dune: Part One, I think Dune: Part Two can do whatever it can get.

Peppa is not a pig problem

Peppa the pig in the USA she is punished for her “rude, domineering behavior”.

I always thought Peppa was a gentle soul. In a classic episode of Daddy Gets Fit, Peppa diplomatically notes that Pig's waist is “pretty big” (it's the size of a prize watermelon).

This is hardly the language of a powerful brat. But the Yankees don't see it that way.
“Don't let your kids watch Peppa Pig!” outrages one parent on Common Sense Media, an American monitor of children's television, movies and games.

Peppa Pig is quickly becoming Peppa the Pariah in the US.

But don't they have bigger problems?

Save the bacon, America!

The Royal Mint commemorative coin for George Michael is not an exact likeness


The Royal Mint commemorative coin for George Michael is not an exact likenessAuthor: AP

The night before my wife and I got married, we went to dinner at a Japanese restaurant and George Michael joined us.

It was 1992. George was at the height of his solo fame after Faith. The restaurant was full.

And when George walked in wearing a baseball cap with that famous face on it, all eyes turned to him and then looked away.

Because he was clearly some young guy trying to look like George Michael.

I was reminded of the night I saw the coin issued by the Royal Mint in honor of George Michael. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like George.

The face is too thin, the lips are too thin hair too similar to divorce Princess Diana.

It looks like some young guy is trying to look like George Michael.

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