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“Daddy, there’s nowhere to hide”: A grieving father shares the haunting final moments of his daughter, who was tragically murdered by Hamas terrorists at the Supernova festival, her body identified by a distinctive flower tattoo

The moment Eran Litman last spoke with his daughter Oriya – at 8:36 am – will forever be ingrained in his memory.

Eran, a 59-year-old software engineer, had been awakened a few hours earlier by his elder daughter, Yahali. When she couldn’t reach her sleeping father, Oriya urgently contacted Yahali, informing her of the danger she was in.

Yahali promptly called their father to relay the news of Oriya’s involvement in a terrorist attack.

Oriya, 26, was among the 3,500 attendees at the Supernova music festival near Kibbutz Re’im in southern Israel when thousands of Hamas militants launched a surprise assault on the country early on October 7, resulting in the deaths of 1,200 people.

The chaos at the festival claimed the lives of 360 innocent individuals.

As we speak, Eran, who is in London for work, speaks softly with a gentle demeanor. His face lights up as he reminisces about Oriya’s childhood: their cherished memories of skiing, seaside camping every summer, and safaris in Tanzania.

“She was quite the rebellious teenager,” he chuckles. “All the gray hairs on my head are thanks to her. She was a party enthusiast.”

Despite their close relationship, Eran is visibly shattered.

While he doesn’t blame the police or the military for the events of that day, he is critical of Israel’s government. Eran is involved in a campaign group, Families of October 7, advocating for accountability and better support for the bereaved.

He weeps as he recounts his final conversation with Oriya, his youngest daughter, who dreamed of becoming a manicurist and sported long, vibrant nails.

Oriya and her friends, siblings Sharon and Schahar Manzur, narrowly escaped the festival gunmen in a car, seeking refuge at Kibbutz Mefalsim near the Gaza border.

Tragically, just 500 yards from the kibbutz gates, their vehicle overturned after being fired upon by terrorists disguised as Israeli police. Schahar lay dying in Oriya’s arms, while Sharon’s attempt to rescue her brother resulted in his death at the hands of the terrorists.

Eran’s heart breaks as he remembers Oriya’s calm demeanor amidst the chaos, bravely urging him not to come to her aid.

In the aftermath of the horrific attack unleashed by Hamas, 240 hostages were seized and taken to the Gaza Strip. Although 130 remain captive, it is feared that around 30 may have perished.

Oriya’s final phone activity was at 8:45 am, leaving her family clinging to hope for her safe return.

Five days later, on October 15, Oriya was laid to rest in Caesarea, a town on Israel’s Mediterranean coast.

Eran’s anguish is palpable as he describes the toll the tragedy has taken on his family, leaving one daughter unable to function and plunging them all into a perpetual state of trauma.

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