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Microsoft Introduces All-Digital Xbox Consoles and ‘Doom’ Title at Games Showcase

Microsoft commenced its annual Xbox Games Showcase on Sunday, revealing a new all-digital variant of its Xbox Series X and S consoles alongside trailers for over a dozen games, including the highly anticipated next installment of “Call of Duty.” This showcase arrives at a pivotal moment for Xbox and Microsoft, given the gaming industry’s current challenges, marked by a downturn, softer sales, and studio closures.

The unveiling featured three gaming consoles, including a disc-less version of the Xbox Series X and S, along with a special edition Series X boasting 2 terabytes of storage. This hardware refresh aims to bolster Xbox’s console sales, positioning it against Sony’s PlayStation 5.

Among the showcased titles was “Doom: The Dark Ages,” the latest addition to the iconic “Doom” franchise, alongside a sneak peek at the latest “Gears of War” title, ending a five-year anticipation for fans of one of Xbox’s flagship series.

A significant number of games, including the new “Doom” and “Call of Duty,” will be accessible via Xbox Game Pass on launch day, underscoring Microsoft’s emphasis on its subscription service amid economic challenges. Following the showcase, a special presentation from Activision Blizzard’s studios unveiled features, characters, and gameplay of the upcoming “Call of Duty: Black Ops 6,” scheduled for release in October.

Developers Treyarch and Raven Software showcased clips from the campaign, set in the early 1990s, showcasing new features such as a dynamic movement system enabling players to sprint in all directions, along with a glimpse of the beloved “Zombies” mode.

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