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OpenAI Rolls Out GPT-4o: Here’s How to Access It

OpenAI’s ChatGPT has been significantly enhanced with the introduction of the GPT-4o model, also known as Omni. This advanced multimodal AI is capable of understanding text, images, videos, and audio natively, offering a faster and more interactive experience. Eventually, it will even be able to converse with users.

The primary benefit of GPT-4o is its enhanced reasoning, processing, and natural language capabilities, now available for the first time in the free version of ChatGPT. As part of the Spring Update announcement, OpenAI expressed its commitment to making top-tier AI widely accessible.

The rollout of GPT-4o is gradual, with features being released in batches. Recently, the ChatGPT macOS app became available. To check which features are currently accessible and which are coming soon, follow these straightforward steps.

Accessing GPT-4o in ChatGPT

The ChatGPT address has shifted from chat.openai.com to chatgpt.com, indicating a significant focus on AI as a product. If GPT-4o is available on your account, you can access it through both the mobile app and the website.

A Mac app has started rolling out to some users. However, beware of scam links. The safest option is to wait for an official email or notification from OpenAI with a download link. Even with a legitimate link, access won’t be granted until it has been activated on your account, otherwise, you’ll encounter an error message.

Features Available Today with GPT-4o

Currently, users who sign in to ChatGPT gain access to the chat version of GPT-4o, with advanced voice or video functionalities rolling out gradually, starting with Plus and Team accounts. Free account users will notice significant improvements, as GPT-4o surpasses the capabilities of both the 3.5 model and GPT-4. New features include running code snippets, analyzing images and text files, and using custom GPT chatbots.

On mobile, users still have access to the ChatGPT Voice launched last year. To identify the model, end a conversation and see if it transcribes everything to chat. The new model does not require this step as it understands speech, emotion, and human interaction natively.

Steps to Access GPT-4o

  1. Sign in to ChatGPT: Log in to your account on the website or app. If you don’t have an account, sign up for one.
  2. Download the ChatGPT macOS app (if desired): The macOS app is rolling out to a limited set of users, with broader access coming soon. If notified, click to download the app.
  3. Check your model choices: Use the drop-down menu near the top of the screen to select the model. If GPT-4o is not listed, access has not been granted yet. On mobile, it will be indicated in the navigation bar.
  4. Start chatting: Begin using GPT-4o as you would with GPT-4. Note the rate limits, especially on the free plan, which restricts the number of messages you can send per day. You can switch to GPT-4 or GPT-3.5 if you hit the limit.
  5. Change the model in a chat: During a chat, you can switch models by clicking the sparkle icon at the end of a response and selecting GPT-4o for more complex queries.
  6. Upload files: Free plan users with GPT-4o access can now upload files, such as images, videos, or PDFs, for analysis and ask questions about the content.

By following these steps, you can seamlessly integrate GPT-4o’s advanced features into your ChatGPT experience.

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