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North Korea has launched a “fake monster rocket”.

The rocket was launched on March 25

North Korea According to analysts, he falsely launched the “monster rocket” from his propaganda video inspired by Top Gun.

Kim Jong Un announced that his country allegedly long-range ballistic missile test launch which is believed to be capable of containing nuclear warheads.

But South Korea and the United States believe that this weapon was not a Hwasong-17 missile, but was in fact a much smaller weapon called the Hwasong-15.

This came after analysts in Seoul and Washington consulted with satellite imagery and weather forecasts, which they said proved it was a less powerful rocket five years old.

Now military officials believe the virus footage was an attempt to compensate for the recent failed launch of Hwasong-17, according to the Daily Mail.

The rocket was launched on March 25

North Korean state media turned a blind eye to the accident, and the KCNA news agency described the trial as “a vivid demonstration of a large military force.”

Kim Jong Un said it was a “wonderful” victory for the citizens, and warned that his country was receiving military threats.

He said his troops would receive “formidable military and technical capabilities not compromised by any military threat and blackmail, and would be fully prepared for a prolonged confrontation with US imperialists.”

Kim Jong Un was spotted smiling in an amazing video
Kim Jong Un was spotted smiling in an amazing video

According to Pyongyang, the height of Hwasong-17 can reach up to 3905 miles. Its range will allow North Korea to attack any part of the mainland.

But a South Korean defense official told AFP: “U.S. and South Korean intelligence has determined that what was released on March 24 was Hwasong-15.”

The court on Thursday became the 12th round of arms launches by North Korea in 2022. It was believed to be the most provocative ordeal since the appointment of US President Joe Biden.

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