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It seems Katie Price Junior’s son is revealing his phone number

junior andre

Junior Andre gasped fans as he showed off his phone number on social media.

Future pop star Junior, who is the son of a former celebrity couple Peter Andre and Katie Pricetook to Instagram from a recording studio while working on new music.

The 16-year-old musician was touting his latest studio steps when he shared a picture of himself next to a microphone in a recording booth.

The stylish teenager was seen smiling and pointing at the camera in a large orange hoodie.

Inviting his fans to contact him, he wrote: “Go to my WhatsApp” and added a mobile number.

Junior asked fans to go to his WhatsApp – but some fans were worried that he would reveal his phone number

Teasing the new tunes, he added, “I have some things I’ve been working on and I want to send you.”

He seemed ready to show some of his fresh new tracks he was working on, building his growing music career.

However, some of Junior’s fans were shocked to see the rapper share his numbers in front of a whopping 504,000 subscribers on the social media platform.

One wrote, “Your phones will explode.”

The second said: “Be careful as you share your number @officialjunior_andre, there are a lot of weirdos.”

Peter Andre
Last year, Peter’s son Andre Jr. signed a contract with Columbia Records

Others were convinced that Junior had not actually shared his personal phone number, and many were happy to see Junior in the studio.

One of them wrote: “This is not his real number, it will be a phone for vodka, which is managed by the team of his manager.”

Junior Princess’s sister, who also shares Peter and Katie as parents, gushed, “I’m obsessed with you” with red-heart smilies.

Another wrote, “You like your dad, one amazing good man, a wonderful singer xxx”

junior andre
Proud dad Peter has admitted that he is concerned about Junior’s entry into the music industry

This comes after Junior signed a major contract with Columbia Records last year.

His dad Peter, who also started his career as a pop star, was very supportive of his son, but admitted that he was “very afraid” of his entry into the music industry.

He told the new one !: “Of course, there is a lot of fear, because you are thrown into the lion’s den.

“But I hope that with everything I tell him daily, he will be fine.

“We sit and talk about things and he knows I’m next to him all the time. Amazing how similar we are.

“Like me, he wanted to be an actor, but he also has a talent for songwriting.”

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