Weather in the UK: The UK is waiting for the platinum anniversary

    A four-day weekend in June means Britons can fill the country's beaches

    Crowds gathered at Buckingham Palace Platinum anniversary could be treated the weather approaches the case as weather forecasters wait a heat for the queenspecial weekend.

    Britons looking for the sun can flock to national beaches and parks as they hope to make the most of the four-day holiday weekend in June.

    The good news about further good weather comes after yesterday (May 17) was declared the hottest day in 2022, when the mercury temperature rose to 27.5 degrees.

    The high temperature recorded at Heathrow Airport meant that the capital was officially warmer than Mallorca, where temperatures rose to just 23 degrees during the day.

    A four-day weekend in June means Britons can fill the country’s beaches

    Looking ahead, weather forecasters believe that the next wave of pleasant conditions will come just before the celebration of Her Majesty from 2 to 5 June.

    Sky News producer Kirsty McCabe, giving a weather forecast ahead of the anniversary, said: “At the moment, it seems the weather will get drier and will set in when we head to the end of May with high pressure. Dominant in the first week of June .

    “That means we can expect mostly dry, sedentary and warm conditions with a royally good amount of sunshine on the anniversary weekend.”

    Meanwhile, John Hammond of weathertrending said: “It’s warm with a bang when a plume of warm air rises from Southern Europe.

    Weather for June 2, 2022
    Weather for June 2, 2022

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    “It is likely that in early June there will be warmer weather, at the beginning of the month there will be a great dryness to celebrate the platinum anniversaries.”

    Warm forecasts mean the bookmaker has set a odds of 4-5, making this month on the record as the hottest May the UK has ever seen.

    Harry Aitkenhead of Coral said: “Spring is coming to an end in brilliance as temperatures continue to rise, so much so that this May is now in our books to break the record for the warmest we’ve ever had in the UK.”

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